Live, From Ottawa and Orillia

On March 24th I zoom across the country to see some family and friends and finally meet a few folks from these pages like Danno and Christopher and hopefully a few others too. As Don Cherry might say, “It’s gonna be a beauty!”

Late that night I land in the Nation’s Capital where I’ll be for about a week, so people in Ottawa, could you please remove any existing snow and slush and Senators news that might be there at that time?

Ottawa is where Danno and Christopher live, and if anyone else from there wants to get together with us and solve most of the world’s problems, we’re going to try and watch the Habs in a pub on maybe the 29th. (possibly the 30th).

The problem is, the Senators play somewhere on the 29th too and I’m assuming that most TV’s will be showing them instead of the Habs which is ridiculous because why would anyone show the Sens when the Habs can be watched?

You see what I’m up against?

If you would like to join us, just email me at and later on I’ll be able to have things better sorted out. In the meantime, if you know of any pubs in Ottawa that televise the Habs even when the Senators are on another channel, please let me know.

From Ottawa I’ll be driving to Orillia to visit my dad who is 90 years old and has just been placed in an old folks home. Orillia, of course, is where I was a smallish-yet-shifty right winger, where I bought my bubblegum cards and was a paperboy and altar boy, and it was also where I copped my first feel, grew my hair, gulped vast quantities of illegal drugs, and disappointed my parents pretty well every day.

I’m going to bring my dad a bottle of whiskey at the old folks home just to try to make up for being such an asshole back then.

I don’t even know why I’m telling you this now. The trip’s not for three more weeks. Maybe it’s because, with the lifelong itchy feet I’m cursed with, I’m excited. It’s a wonder I’m not already packed.

4 thoughts on “Live, From Ottawa and Orillia”

  1. Hey Dennis, I hope you have a safe and happy trip. Wow… you’re gonna be only 30 miles or so from my hometown of Arnprior. There were always lots of Hab fans there in the 22 years I lived in that town. Maybe you should drop by the Newbyrne Hotel if it’s still there. Lots of memories in that place. I remember my oldest brother who was a boxer took on a green belt karate champ one night. He didn’t win but he left his mark on his opponent. Draft was only 15 cents in those days. Have fun my friend and best wishes for your Dad.

  2. Dennis, Liam Maguire’s bar might a good place to meet especially on the 30th since there won’t be any Senator game playing that night (most people have given up watching them anyways).

    So that would make it the Habs/Kanes game.

    Ooops I mean Habs -‘Canes game.

    They have a website just to give you an idea what it looks like.

    The bar is packed full of great hockey memorabilia much of it Habs-related. Plus it’s crawling distance from my place…

    And they serve Harp’s Irish Lager on tap which is absolutely wonderful. But not quite as intoxicating or explosive as DKRFSB.

    Liam Maguire is the owner and he is renown for his encyclopedic knowledge of anything related to hockey. He is impossible to stump with trivia questions.

    From Liam’s website…

    “Liam Maguire has devoted his life to knowing all there is to know about the game of hockey. There is no statistic too obscure for Liam.”

    Here is Liam’s website. I am pretty sure he would be interested in chatting with you Dennis…

    This could be a very interesting evening. It will be fun to put a face to your many Ottawa bloggers.

    Anyways, this is just a suggestion. I’m easy if any other idea catches people’s fancy…

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