Listen As Gomez Scores!

A fellow emailed me this morning to say that he has recently developed an app that allows folks to listen to hockey games on their iPhone or Android.

What’s slightly ironic about this is that I’ve never held an iPhone or iPad, or a Blackberry for that matter, or actually anything like that. I thought an android was a flying rock in outer space, and I only vaguely know what an app is. And while I’m at it, I’ve also never sent a text, downloaded music, or taken a picture with a cell phone.

I did master a Seabreeze record player at an early age, though.

Having said that, I can see how being able to listen to the Habs or others teams when you’re out and about would be sensational. Heck, you could sit poolside or shop at the grocery store and listen as Scott Gomez scores a goal! How about that?

The link to this fellow’s new app is here for iPhones and and here for Android. I really think the whole idea of this sounds very comfortable. Imagine, you’re at church or a board meeting, listening to the game with your earphones. “And Gomez storms in. He shoots, he scores!!!

5 thoughts on “Listen As Gomez Scores!”

  1. You’d have better luck listening to your Seabreeze if you’re waiting to hear goals from Gomez or a few others. Even my newer Dual 1010 is quiet right now.

  2. Dennis,
    I’ll let you hold my iPad and my iPod touch if you like….
    And trust me I don’t let just anyone hold, touch and play with them.

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