Lingering Andrei Markov Questions

Some questions linger regarding Andrei Markov.

When will he be healthy enough to begin his season; will he be named captain of the Montreal Canadiens; and now that he’s a Canadian citizen, does he drink beer instead of vodka, say “eh” a lot, and cover his bedroom window with a Canadian flag when he naps?

5 thoughts on “Lingering Andrei Markov Questions”

  1. Swami Chris answers
    Nov 6, he’ll begin his season
    no, he won’t be named captain
    yes, he drinks beer with the team as before but prefers vodka
    no, he doesn’t say “eh” a lot
    no, he doesn’t hang a Canadian flag

    If I made any mistakes it’s not because I’m a sham, but because I didn’t have his hockey card to hold against my head. Holding my notebook screen with his photo against my head while typing isn’t ideal for channelling.

  2. Thanks, Danno. Yep, Gorges would make a fine captain. I just wish they’d hurry up and decide. More than a year – it’s too long.

  3. Why is Gorges wearing Gomez’s #11 sweater? Is he trying to pull Koivu’s captain material from it?

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