Liking The Habs Two Days In A Row

Habs 2, Sens 1.

Do you think the Canadiens should wear their team jerseys and jeans, or nice suits, in the Stanley Cup parade next June?

JUST KIDDING, PEOPLE. We’ll talk about this later.

My wife is disappointed. And when she’s disappointed, I’m disappointed. But I don’t know how to make it better. I pointed out new coach Jacques Martin to her, and she doesn’t think he’s handsome enough. Forgive her for her shallowness, but she’s still a huge Habs fan, loves her team, and is pissed that Kovalev isn’t there.

Curious and interesting to see our new big guys out there. Defencemen Hal Gill, 6’7″, 240 lbs, Paul Mara,6’4″, 210 lbs, and forward Travis Moen,6’2′”, 211. What a different look the Habs are this year from last, between last night’s game with Gomez and Cammalleri and company, and tonight with these guys. All these mixtures and styles. I like this.

Max Pacioretty: With your gangway style and lanky bow-legs, you remind me of Dave Balon. That’s a great thing. He was a great player.

Tomas Plekanec: I was so happy to see you play tonight with energy and purpose the way you did two years ago. If I was your neighbour, I’d cut your lawn.

Brian Gionta: You slick little bugger. You were born to play in Montreal.

Random Notes:

I’m not happy about Phil Kessel joing the Leafs. He’s good, and we want Toronto to be bad. But we’ve got Gionta and Gomez and Cammalleri and Plekanec and the Kostitsyns’ and…….it just goes on and on. So there’s no worry about Kessel. And anyway, this makes Boston a little less dangerous.

Next Up – Habs in Ottawa Saturday night to visit Alex Kovalev.

6 thoughts on “Liking The Habs Two Days In A Row”

  1. ~ Its only pre-season but the Habs goalies have been good so far

    ~ I think if Coach Martin had his CHoice, Gionta would be wearing the honoured ‘C’

    ~ Good 3rd period, otherwise a pretty boring game

    ~ Love Max Pax

    ~ Going to the game in Ottawa tonight, thnx to my bro-in-law

    ~ With or without Kessel (way overpaid) the leaf sux, always have, still do, will forever (weird how the CotU media ripped Gainey for paying too much for Cammi yet a china doll like Kessel is lauded)

  2. Dennis,

    Your wife isn’t shallow, we ‘re hockey fans but we’re girls first and we like a bit of eye candy. I mourned Souray fot two years after he left.

  3. the team is looking good.

    I think Phil Kessel is is overpaid, yeah he’s a good player but i don’t think he’s worth 5 million, maybe 3.5 – 4

  4. Leafs suck, We could count the ways but we’d run out of space. Kessel might help them but I hear he’s a bit of a shithead too. And Brian Burke, even though he likes to come off as Mr. Hockey, is far from it.
    Go Habs – Pacioretty and Gionta!!!

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