Like A Rolling Streak


The Canadiens would score the game’s first three goals, which is more than unusual, and all three would be power play goals, which is even more unusual. To say the least.

And even thought the Philadelphia Flyers clawed back and made a game of it, the hometown gang ended up doubling the score and skated away with a big 6-3 win to extend their streak to five games.

Love those streaks. And of course we want more. We want six straight, and then seven, and then eight and maybe squeeze out nine or twelve because we’re a greedy bastards.

Greed. One of the seven deadly sins. Only acceptable when we’re talking about Montreal winning streaks. And way better than the other six deadly sins sloth, gluttony, embellishing, gooning, whining, and sucking, like Boston and Toronto.

Two power play goals in the first from Parenteau and DD, and then one from PK in the second, and hopefully now the man advantage woes have been sorted out and they’re off to the races.

A good power play can make a good team a great team if things are going well in most other areas. It’s what’s been missing in Montreal, and judging from this game and the previous Boston tilt, it’s coming around.

The Flyers would narrow it to 3-1 and then 3-2 with just 1:14 left in the second, and after Parenteau had given the boys a two-goal margin when he deflected a Sergei Gonchar shot from the point, the Flyers once again made things dicey when the puck sat within a crease scrum for what seemed like way too long, although the referee could see it the entire time.

It eventually scooted out and was driven home, and it was a 4-3 game and the Flyers had momentum. But Dale Weise, first with a five-hole shot that Ray Emery should’ve had, and then another when the puck bounced in off our man Lafleur Weise, and any thoughts the Flyers had of mounting a final comeback were laid to rest.

This by the guy who just last game had a Gordie Howe hat trick and a Rocket Richard home run, and tonight dropped a fine deuce.

Next it’s a relatively short jaunt on Sunday to Detroit to try and keep the streak going on. They can do it. They’ve got Dale Weise. And Carey Price.

Random Notes:

Philly outshot Montreal 29-28.

Habs point-getters included Plekanec, Gonchar, Max, and Markov with two assists each, Gachenyuk with three assists, Parenteau and Weise with two goals each, DD with a goal and an assist, and PK with a goal.

Brandon Prust  found himself in a decent scrap with Zac Rinaldo. I find it impressive that Rinaldo can make the switch from soccer to hockey like that. Don’t you?

A bit of a quiet night for two guys who’ve been burning it up lately, Eller and Sekac. And that’s fine. Others picked up the slack.

To think it was only six games ago, when Chicago pounded the Canadiens 5-0, that many of us were quite pissed at these guys.

The ole song was being sung in the second period. Hate that song.



11 thoughts on “Like A Rolling Streak”

  1. Nothing like a nice five game streak, eh Joe? Bergevin knows what he’s doing. Gonchar has added something that may have turned on the power play switch.

  2. You bet, Derry. They’re playing much better than recent outings when they were confused and very ordinary. I know it’s still early but I love feeling good about the team.

  3. Dennis, isn’t it amazing how we Habs fans manage to go from the “sky is falling” to “plan the parade” mode in such a short period of time.

  4. It is, Danno, but that’s what we are. Passionate. Beyond passionate. My biggest problem is the worry of an extended slump, so when I see that they’re lethargic or losing more than winning, it’s upsetting. I worry how long it’ll go on. I start to feel they’re not earning their big money. They can disappoint me. And then when I see them playing great and putting wins together, the negative is all forgotten. I think we’re mostly all similar this way. We need them to win.

  5. Our internet was down all day so I savoured last nite’s win in solitude, but WHAT A GAME!!!Weise has me smiling for now and if they’d send someone to the net to bowl over other guy’s defenceman, I’d be REAL happy. We Hab fan may be up and down like a yo-yo, but—–at least we get a reason to be up!!!—and reasons to be down also. When they do lose, they play like bums, listless, lifeless, boring, lethargic, lazy, hopeless bums!!! They could try to lose with dignity—–IF they have to lose a few. Like the energy level. Tonight it’s Detroit and tomorrow we remember what could have been— or WHO could of been—JFK.

  6. Peter, you mean Kennedy? I remember almost exactly. I was in grade seven or eight and our teacher was called out to the hall by the principal. When she came back she was crying and told us that President Kennedy had just been shot and she sent us home. I can remember watching TV live when they were taking Oswald through the basement and Ruby shot him. JFK was killed on Nov. 22, 1963, and the date Nov 22. has come up in my life a number of times over the years. It was even the date when my friend and I sailed to England in 1968. The Canadiens played that Heritage outdoor game in Edmonton on Nov. 22nd too. Every few years Nov. 22 jumps out at me.

  7. As usual–our historian aka-DK– sets the time right I’m a DAY LATE!!!But it was a VERY big day in my life as a 15 year old. Can’t type fast enough to share it all. Thanks Dennis, for your accuracy. May this years thumping of the Flyers hold fond memories also!! Oh if I may—as a “rater”–rated by my wife as the best site—–what are Luci’s thoughts on the Habs these days?

  8. Peter, when they’re playing lousy she does puzzles or walks around. When they’re playing well, she loves them. When she’s cheering I have to be careful about my ear drums. She loves Plekanec and Price especially. Nov. 22nd is next Saturday.

  9. There’s sound advice for us crusty fans—instead of getting worked up to near social malfunction when our boys play lousy we should chill out.And once more– thanks for explaining the calender, must be too much going on in life these daze. See you all in Detroit tonight. From my couch to yours–HAPPY HABBING tonite.

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