Like A Good Boomerang, Fascinating Facts Keeps Coming Back!

Fascinating Fact #1.  I asked my wife who the most handsome player in the NHL is, and she said it’s a tie between Jose Theodore and Sheldon Souray. She also said, however, that Max from Dancing With The Stars beats everybody. Everybody but me, I think she said.

 Fascinating Fact #2.   Babe Ruth transcends all sports, so he gets in Fascinating Facts.  Ruth was notorous for not paying attention to the fringe players on his team, the Yankees. One day Tony Lazzeri introduced, for fun, a relief pitcher to Ruth who had been with the team for four years already, only Lazzeri said this was a new player just out of Princeton. Ruth was impressed about the Princeton part and welcomed the “new” player with open arms.

 Fascinating Fact #3.    In the early 1910’s, Lester and Frank Patrick pioneered professional hockey on Canada’s west coast, and the first two artificial rinks built in Canada were in Victoria and Vancouver.

 Fascinating Fact #4.     Defenceman Noel Price, an important member of the early and mid-1960’s Montreal Canadiens, now lives in Ottawa. He was one shy of playing 500 games, and is also a member of the American Hockey League Hall of Fame. Price won a Stanley Cup with Montreal in 1966.

 Fascinating Fact #5.    Toe Blake, a man of great words, once said, “if my son ever decides to become a goalie, I’m going to hit him over the head with a goalie stick.”

 Fascinating Fact # 6.    My midget coach was a man named Jack Dyte. In 1943 he played 27 games with the Chicago Blackhawks, and that was it for his NHL career. He managed one goal and no assists during this stint. But the thing was, he chewed tobacco at our practices and spit the juice on the ice. So the surface had dozens of brown spots all over it. I always wondered how he got away with that.

8 thoughts on “Like A Good Boomerang, Fascinating Facts Keeps Coming Back!”

  1. A lot of the ladies love Sheldon Souray. He’s honestly not my favorite (but he’s still pretty). I’d say Vincent Lecavalier (but of course Paul Gaustad come first because he’s a Sabre). She’s right about Max, but he’s too cocky for me.

  2. Hello Dennis,

    Your midget coach was my ‘uncle’ Jack. He was actually my father’s cousin, but he was so much older than us, with kids of his own who were our ages, we called him ‘uncle’.
    I found your blog while searching for photos of him.
    I didn’t know he chewed tobacco!
    I do know he had a plate in his head from a hockey accident – so that might work in well with your mask story!

    Anyway, nice to see someone he coached still remembers him. He was a great guy.
    All the best –

  3. Hey, Jack was a distant relative of mine, too 🙂 And hi to Maggie, if you see this! GO SABRES!

    I was going to post about Jack Dyte to the NHL fan site. Do you mind if I use that story? It’s superb…

  4. Hi,

    Jack is my grandfather, my dad will be pleased to hear about these stories…as we’re trying to piece together all our family tree stuff.

    Thanks guys,
    Amy Dyte

  5. Hi Amy. You’re not the first from the family. I’ve heard from England, Florida, and Buffalo, all from Jack’s family. And I remember your father John in Orillia. He was older than me and had a brushcut.

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