Licked In Beantown

Done years back, when I didn’t know how to photoshop. I still don’t. It took a lot of clipping heads from gossip magazines, and not that it fits in this case, but I don’t have one like it for the Habs. I should.

So many great things to see in Montreal’s 4-0 loss to the Bruins in Boston.

There was a fine fight in the opening minute that saw Andrew Shaw deck Torey Krug with a solid right. This coming after Krug clocked Shaw on Dec. 12th, which resulted in our often brain-dead penalty taker being concussed for 15 games.

And I enjoyed referee Wes McCauley’s dramatic announcement of the fighting penalties with his mic on.

That’s about it. Everything else sucked, including this recap.

It also sucked to see happy Bruins fans. It’s just so much more heartwarming when these people look like they’re ready to jump off the John Hancock Tower.

Below, pretend it’s Shaw and Krug.

If you’re keeping track, that’s six losses in seven February games for the Canadiens. Points are slip slidin’ away. On far too many nights the gang has less than mediocre, and they’re causing me to rethink my list of passions.

My passions? Making my nose hairs look nice has jumped ahead. Teeth flossing is closing in fast. Sophia Loren and Sofia Vergara were already up there.

Carey Price allowed another four goals. It’s always either three or four goals a night now for our star goalie. Al Montoya is no worse, and he’s terrible.

Now the boys have five days off.

Michel Therrien? Maybe much more than that.

Random Notes:

After the boys’ five-day holiday where they’ll sleep in the basement and called names when they go out, they’ll host the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday, which is a 2:00 puck drop (or 11 where I live).

Nathan Beaulieu, who seems to be regressing instead of progressing, was called for slashing Zdeno Chara, which was a polite way of saying he rammed his stick up into Chara’s family jewels.

Chara scored a shorthanded goal to make it 2-0 in the second period, and if you see the replay, enjoy watching Beaulieu take a nice lazy skate behind as the big fellow closed in.

The Bruins made it 3-0 on the power play, and Beaulieu should’ve been benched for the final frame.








15 thoughts on “Licked In Beantown”

  1. Is the team quitting on Thornbush? Is Carey fed-up with Coach and/or team mates. Still maintain that many of the youngsters shipped to other teams do okay away from Thornbush And guys with okay resumes coming our way REGRESS under Thornbush. Oh please dump Thornbush before blowing up our lineup so we can see what we really got. To get someone good now we have to give up our youth. How sad that would be.Crosby and Oveckin in a CH sweater would be exciting for 2 games…then they`d get benched in favour of DD cause they didn`t play `de system`….dump and chase. Maybe Ovie would also get in trouble cause he threw a check. Last year we were led to believe it was P.K. the problem. This year with same on ice performance, who gets the blame for the crap attitude. …… does Thornbush`s name come up…..sure does for me……BIG TIME!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Dennis, Theses guys aren’t playing the way they can . Carey was said was out of position a few times. This guy has in position as the name of his next kid. Carey just isn’t the Carey we have been used to. Therein should be gone..Julian maybe…Kirk Muller should be up on stage next.

  3. They gotta dump him now, Peter, during this break, and before it gets even worse. Get rid of Therrien and stop the bleeding. Great point about Crosby and Ovechkin. He’d kill their creativity. I do believe PK was a problem, but regardless, the coach needs to be gone now. Once again they’re becoming a disgrace and between last year and now, I’m not sure I can take much more.

  4. There was supposed to be nowhere to go but up after last year, Derry, but they seem to be going exactly nowhere, although their chances of making the playoffs are a bit better than then. Therrien has to go, even just to change the atmosphere. As fans we’re owed a good team that’s fun to watch, and they haven’t given it to us, even though we drink Molsons and pay 12 or 14 bucks at the rink to drink it, not to mention everything else Habs-related that fans fork out hard earned dollars for. I don’t care who they replace him with. Except for Patrick Roy. I’d hate that.

  5. Hey Dennis, Ya Patrick Roy demonstrates the same kind of arrogance that Therrien does. Time for a change and get the fans going g again.

  6. Ten minutes into the game i picked up the remote and to the tune of ..” …na…hey..hey goodbye!”..closed the chapter on another dismal display of millionaires on ice.
    I’ll echo the sentiments that Therrien has to go!…clearly there is no motivation on the bench and those behind the bench haven’t gotten the message…. tabernac!..what will it take before these guys get their mojo back?
    If the season continues this way..i may have to dismantle the Habs shrine in the man cave!

    Dennis thanks for the images you included with this post..especially the Boston Broads team photo.

  7. Dennis man this isn’t at all funny is it? My interest has piqued as to how long this team as an organization will continue on this path . I find myself wishing they will lose so hopefully they will get these defensive minded clowns MB and MT out of the here. I don’t think many consider/realize how bad this organization really is. All you really have to do is look to the feeder system and depression sets in or should. The days are over where you can buy your way out of mediocrity and our AHL team plays the same way as the big team. They have no upcoming players that stand out. I believe it’s been 5 years since they have made the playoffs. Now patience is supposed to be a virtue but at some point patience is not the appropriate word…incompetence is more fitting. When the change comes, and it will, it will take a long time to get this ship back on course probably. We have some talent but windows for contending are not very long these days.

  8. What can we do, it’s not like replacing a coach will help us win games. Oh wait
    Islanders, 17-17-8 before, 8-2-2 after
    Blues, 24-21-5 before, 5-1-0 after
    Bruins, 26-23-6 before, 3-0-0 after

    But it’s not like these teams will suddenly win the Stanley Cup. Oh wait
    2016 Penguins, 15-10-3 before, 33-16-5 and the Cup after

    But Therrien, he’s a good coach, it’s not like a team will improve after replacing him. Oh wait
    2009 Penguins, 27-25-5 before, 18-3-4 and the Cup after

    If Bergevin can’t figure out this out it’s time for him to go.

  9. Please Marc B. …..don’t trade our youth for some other aging guys and/or another young guy!!!! We had numerous talented, fast, creative, gritty additions and your foxhole buddy insisted they dump & chase. Marc, if you don’t want to fire Thornbush, I get it; but if you won’t dump him I have one request… and him go south to the California Seals and leave us a team we can root for. Please Marc show some nerve similar to Subban/Weber trade; you won’t get hate mail for this move.

  10. HALLELUJAH!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! Few moments after my last post I hear Thornbush is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t know much about Julien’ but he’s on our side now. Oh and it’s Valentines Day too yet !!!! Marc Bergeron showed us SOME LOVE. YES YES YES—-the boys can be creative again. Yemelin will horizontalize folks again, Weber may return to being a force. Gal27 will gain confidence, Shaw will learn grit within the rules. If Julien goes wrong ,—that’s okay…..Thornbush is GONE.

  11. Yup as each day went by in this break I was thinking there was less and less of a chance this could happen, now I’m over the moon. Julien wouldn’t be my choice but ABT, (anyone but Therrien)!

  12. This I hope is – or rather was – rock bottom.

    Claude Julien was very excited to hear Montreal had DD – until he realized DD stood for David Desharnais and not Dunkin Donuts.

    Will the firing of Therrien and the hiring of Julien be the jolt the Habs need? Or will it be a case of “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss…” ???

    Stay tuned and stay thirsty my friends…

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