Letters On My Shelf

Many of these letters were written to me, while some I collected along the way. If you find these boring, please don’t tell me.

Beginning with –

Red Fisher (1965) (after I complained to him that Stan Mikita swore at me when I asked him for his autograph at a Hawks-Leafs exhibition game in Peterborough during the Leafs training camp).


Phyllis King (1951) – Clarence Campbell’s secretary and future wife.


Here’s Clarence and Phyllis on their romantic date at the Forum, which helped spark the 1955 St. Patrick’s Day Richard Riot.


Legendary sports editor Elmer Ferguson (1929). The Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award is presented to outstanding hockey journalists and includes the likes of Jacques Beauchamp, Red Burnett, Trent Frayne, Red Fisher, Andy O’Brien, Michael Farber, Roy MacGregor and others.


Sam Pollock (1964). By far my favourite letter.

Claude Mouton (1985)

Irving Grundman (1983)

Almost three months to the day after General Manager Grundman wrote this letter, he was fired by the Canadiens and Serge Savard would take his place.

Forum secretary Manon Bruneau (1984)

Letter from Sam Pollock to Habs prospect Michel Lagace (1962). This is the kind of letter I would have liked to receive.


Looking for tickets at Maple Leaf Gardens (1965 & 1966)

Two replies from Claude Mouton (1983) about my request for a stick. He gave me a Bob Gainey stick, signed by the entire team, which I picked up at the Forum after driving from Ottawa after graveyard shift.

Jean Beliveau (1984)

I decided I needed an 8X10 glossy of the Rocket shaking hands with Sugar Jim Henry, so I went right to the top. I wrote a letter to La Presse and it ended up on the desk of editor-in chief Gerard Pelletier (1964)

Pelletier would later serve in the Pierre Trudeau government, and was eventually awarded the Order of Canada.

Frank Selke Jr. (1961)

10 thoughts on “Letters On My Shelf”

  1. Dennis, as a rural Ont kid in the 60’s, I had loads of letters to my idols, NY Yankees—payers and manegement. My repeted request was to be water boy. I didn’t even know where New York was!! All that to say— my letters are gone.And THESE ARE NOT BORING posts fellow fan. It,s great to see an ongoing dialogue with the stars/team bigwigs and “the kid next door” Thanks.

  2. Great fun to read your letters…wish i had kept all my souvenirs, photographs and autographs from the 60’s when i lived in Montreal. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing letters. I am not surprised at some of the answers form the Habs. They are not the most cooperative head office…even now. But gotta love em!

  4. Ed and Brian. I managed to save a lot of stuff from over the years, but what’s truly amazing is that I saved anything, considering how much I moved around and some of the places I lived in when I was younger.

  5. Ron, the Habs were always good with PR when I was younger, but getting tickets was the problem. But generally they were great.

  6. Thanks Peter. Too bad you don’t have your Yankees letters. Do you remember any? Maybe Maris and Mantle? Anyway, thanks for your kind words. Did your daughter end up going to school in Orillia?

  7. No problem Dennis! I hope Mr. Molson considers it. What a great story it would be to add to the collection!

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