Letter To Them

Dear Players’ Wives,

I’m picking Luci up at the airport on Tuesday and I wanted to let you know before you become sick with worry about where I am and whether I’m okay or not.

Everything’s fine so don’t fret. Get some sleep if you can.  Once Luci and I and the cat get settled and get a few things done, I promise I’ll let you know and we can carry on trying to make you comfortable in the big city after you’ve been away all summer and are finding it difficult to adjust and need a friend while hubby’s in Philadelphia killing penalties.

I know what you’re thinking and stop, you’re embarrassing me.

One thought on “Letter To Them”

  1. Dennis, you have to stop breaking hearts. Enough is enough already. You need to go to the Claude Julien beauty school and get rid of those stunning looks and greek god body. You’d think you’d have enough with all those hundreds of ladies on Saturday all over you..yeah, you took that long to get a hot dog. Riiiiiiight.

    Your wife needs to save you from Gaston’s evil influence.

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