Let’s Start Fresh And Clobber The Columbus Blue Jackets…..Plus…..Habs Ink Future Star

Imagine. It’s almost time for the Habs – Columbus Blue Jackets game. And I’m thinking that I should fill you in on the Blue Jackets a little.


RJ Umberger.


That’s it. That’s all there is to talk about. RJ Umberger, the rotten bastard who almost single-handedly eliminated the Canadiens last year in the playoffs when he played for the Philadelphia Flyers.


That’s it. RJ Umberger. And I suppose Rick Nash.


Never been to Columbus. Have no intention of going, unless they want me to judge a Miss America pageant or something. Wikipedia says it’s a city of two million, is the home of Miracle Gro plant fertilizer, Similac baby formula, and the Bruce Lee Legends of Martial Art Hall of Fame Museum. Oh, and also a Jazz and Rib festival.


As far as the Canadiens go, they’re making sure they haven’t grown out of their skates since they last played, and are re-introducing themselves to their teammates.


They need these two points, as usual. Keep the ball rolling, play better than they have lately because they can only dodge so many bullets, and then roll into Toronto the next night and bring those Leafs back to earth where they belong.


Maybe the long break is good for the team. Like I said, they haven’t been playing well lately. They’ve been winning, but they’ve looked confused and out-of-sorts at times. Sometimes good, hard practices are just what the doctor ordered.




Montreal has signed their high-scoring prospect David Desharnais. Desharnais has posted nine points in eleven games with the Hamilton Bulldogs, and led the ECHL in scoring last year while with the Cincinnati Cyclone with 29 goals and 106 points. He was also the league MVP and Rookie of the Year. 

4 thoughts on “Let’s Start Fresh And Clobber The Columbus Blue Jackets…..Plus…..Habs Ink Future Star”

  1. Hey Dennis! I’m trying to get some support to send Tom Kostopoulos to the All-Star Game 😀 I think it’s a shame his hard work goes unnoticed all the time. (At least RDS is loving and raving about him every time he on, even when he makes mistakes).

  2. I think Kostopoulos is great too, but just not an all star as far as all stars go. It’s too bad, but players like him never get recognized.
    But like you, he’s an all star in my book.

  3. Ah yes, RJ Umberger, he of the famous head-down collision (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3Gvfr9GUC0)

    I’ve actually driven through Columbus a couple times. In order to get to the back woods of Kentucky. No joke. Looks nice enough, but then again I’ve only seen it from the inside of a car at 3 in the morning, after driving for at least 8 hours straight.

    BTW, have you heard about the Canadiens being sold and moving to Hamilton? (http://www.cyberpresse.ca/sports/hockey/200811/06/01-37086-le-canadien-est-il-a-vendre.php)

  4. RJ Umberger? I’m not familar with him (I’ve blocked out all Philly things from last year’s playoffs).

    Montreal will be fine, unless they’re rusty from such a long layoff.

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