Let’s See, Who’s Left

I’ts very hard for me to talk about the remaining teams in the playoff race. Because I don’t give much of a rat’s ass about any of them.

Washington losing four straight to Tampa Bay is just silly. How can a team so good in the regular season be so ordinary in the playoffs, and every year? A team with Alex Ovechkin (who, by the way, makes commercials that make me cringe), and a team the experts rave about. But the Caps, as good as they are, always seem to blow up in the end.

Boston doing well is awkward and uncomfortable. Imagine, Habs fans, if the Bruins go all the way. The fans, the Boston play-by-play guys, Boston media, Bruins bloggers, Don Cherry, PJ Stock, Mike Milbury, all will be unbearable until the Canadiens win it next year.

Philadelphia losing is great because the Flyers are the Flyers. Unacceptable human beings.

I’ve read that San Jose has one of the loudest rinks in the league and that’s impressive, and Nashville boasts not only a loud rink but also Shea Weber, as fine a defenceman as there is right now. These two teams are certainly more likeable than the Bruins and Flyers. Although it doesn’t take much to be more likeable than the Bruins and Flyers. 

The Red Wings have Pavel Datsyuk and are lucky they do. And Nicklas Lidstrom is Nicklas Lidstrom. But it doesn’t matter if they have a young Gordie Howe. They’re down three games to none and are about to say sayonara.

I suppose Vancouver is the team I’d like to see go all the way. I live in Canucks country. They’re a Canadian team, of course, and they’ve been good all year. But I say all this very hesitantly because I really don’t feel comfortable cheering for another team. Maybe I’m a lousy hockey fan, but it’s only the Habs. Everyone else doesn’t matter.

Have I forgotten anybody? I don’t care. I miss the Expos.

17 thoughts on “Let’s See, Who’s Left”

  1. Dennis,

    Temporary Bay et Mr Boucher? Should we care?

    Ps I knew you’d have a bit of Sage vinyl lying around.

  2. Hey Dennis,It sounds like you have been feeling the same way I have in the last while since the Habs were eliminated from the playoffs.I always get like ths when they get ousted from the next season .I remember when I was like 7 years old and the Habs were winning the cup on a regular basis,whenever they lost out I would always become unintrested in hockey for awhile.I guess that is why they call it a religion ,and actually have a university course for it in Montreal.I too am hoping for a Canuck trip to the finals,maybe against the Bruins .I would love to see them kick the Boston teams ass.I think that this would be a great present for my son who is a Canuck fan and is headed for Afganistan in July.

  3. Blue Bayou, nope, shouldn’t care. The Cup in Florida? I hated it the last time (2004) and I’d hate it again. Although I like them better than the other two left in the east. But that’s not saying much.

  4. Derry, that settles it. For your boy going to Afganistan, I’m hoping the Canucks win it for him. All the best to your son and give him my thanks.

  5. Dennis, you are a true fan of the Canadiens to the core. I hope they read your blog and see what a diehard fan is feeling and never gives up hope.

    Carey Price and P.K. and Gionta are the future and hope for the Habs.
    If I was your neighbor, I’d come a calling with a 6-pack for us.

  6. I’m also a bit blah about the rest, except to say that I’m surprised to be cheering for the Bruins for this round. My contempt for the Flyers goes deeper, I guess. Otherwise, I guess I’ll hope for Vancouver and San Jose in that order. I’ve been to Vancouver (and other parts of BC) twice, and I have to think it’s the nicest city in Canada. Besides, my daughter lives there — even though she doesn’t know what a hockey puck looks like.

  7. AC, there’s something about those orange Flyers uniforms that makes me see red. But there’s also something about those gold and black ones that also makes me see red. Yes, I guess it’s Vancouver. Their fans love them, that’s for sure. But Canuck fans are so used to seeing them fall short in the playoffs that many are kind of waiting now for things to go south. In the meantime, I’m still trying to figure out cricket.

  8. Diane, you’re making me thirsty. And I’m on a few days off! Beer store here I come! Or maybe the neighbourhood pub to watch some playoffs! And whoever’s on TV, it doesn’t matter.

  9. it just bugs me to see southern markets win the cup even tho i like the guys on the teams for the most part. it’s a buttman thing…………………. flyers are only behind 3-0, that’s nothing for them against the bruins.

  10. dennis, u sound like u need a new hobby to get u thru the off season. i’m going to send you my bread recipe and some formulas from pablo’s lab. that and some beer and yer good to go.

  11. Dennis like you I cound’nt give a rats ass who wins, but with this said lets keep it where it belongs in CANADA! Just imagine if we had not blown the leads we had in Montreal we would have faced the chokers in Washington. Right now we would be playing our hearts out to represent the East & then destroy the West chump’s! I read every day but my heart just has’nt been into it, if the bleu blanc et rouge are not in it I just don’t care! Why would I they are what makes us unique unlike other orginizations, We unlike the Laugh fans take this early exit as a stab to are collective hearts! So I say even tho it goes against my most inner feelings go canucks go, just to shove it down KG Bettmans throat!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  12. Our son is in the military also and will be at sea for the next 5 months. The big bummer is he won’t be here to celebrate his first wedding anniversary at his home in Victoria. I’m sure all aboard the HMCS Vancouver will be rooting for the Canucks though.

  13. As long as his wife understands, Beatnik. And I’m sure she does. Can they watch the games on board?

  14. Hey Dennis,I did one better and gave him your website,he read it all and ws inpressed,thanks Dennis once again.Canucks came through and are back on top up 3-1 but they arent out of it just yet.

  15. Mike, it’s hard to cheer for another team. But the Canucks are ones now we need to win now.

  16. I believe they have access to TV but depending on where they are and what they’re doing it may be restricted.

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