Let’s Put Mescaline In Gerry’s Lettuce

Gerry the turtle made his game five prediction but I was too late getting it posted as I was preoccupied, aka working.

I’m not going to bother giving the turtle more exposure at this point but just so you know, he predicted the Bruins to win. So that makes the reptile two right and three wrong.

Pretty pathetic predicting if you ask me.

One thought on “Let’s Put Mescaline In Gerry’s Lettuce”

  1. Max making fun of Marchand’s nose:


    Kinda funny. I wouldn’t apologise.

    Habs will be as good in game six. They have to score, period. And they have be tighter on D. Not unreasonable and they can do it. each game has been close and the bruiins and anyone else would be idiots to think this is over. Blah, blah, blah. We all know what needs to happen, now it’s just up to the players. At least JM is finally putting pressure on Gomez. About bloody time Sherlock! Even though we will win the next two games I am really looking forward to next year because of the new look that will be coming.

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