Leo The Really Good

The little boy you see in these two videos scoring all these goals is Leo, the son of a co-worker of mine.

Every time I ask how Leo did in any of his games, it’s always that he scored seven or ten etc.

Leo only just recently turned 5, and in the first video, you see him get twelve points in a game, and in the second, he notches his 100th goal of the season. He reached 103 that game.

This kid is going to be the new Gretzky or Lafleur or  Crosby.

Keep the video and check it out again in about fifteen years, when Leo Brodeur is in the NHL

7 thoughts on “Leo The Really Good”

  1. Is Leo in the same draft year as Cameron? We’ll need Sam Pollock to return and wheel and deal us a collection of number 1 draft picks.

  2. They are, Christopher! Your comment has put a big smile on my face. (To others, Cameron is my grandson).

  3. Awesome! We can use a good puck-handling player like Leo Brodeur in Sochi right about now.

    These kids’ games are far more exciting brand of hockey than the boring trap matches we’ve seen in the Olympics so far.

    Is it too late for Mike Babcock to book his flight? :mrgreen:

    PS – I love the big CH on the side of Léo’s helmet!

    Léo! Léo!! Léo!!!

  4. Wow, that’s too cute– I love that age! Tell Daddy he needs ACDC or Black Sabbath to accompany those clips. It adds toughness.

  5. Marjo & a little Led Zep. DK, Leo reminds me what you must have looked like at that age, small but shifty & also a right winger!

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