Length Matters

I haven’t exactly been a faithful watcher of the playoffs so far, but I’ve decided to record the Caps-Rangers seventh game tonight and watch it at midnight when I get home from work. I think it should be interesting, and as a bonus, I’d like to see some serious overtime.

For years, except when the Habs are playing, I’ve hoped for a record breaking 7 periods or more of overtime hockey. The longest game ever was on March 24th, 1936, when Detroit’s Mud Bruneteau scored in the sixth overtime period, 116.50 minutes of extra play, to give his Wings a 1-0 win in game one against the Montreal Maroons, and I want to see something like that. That game ended at 2:25 a.m, and what a beauty it must have been.

That’s what I want to happen. A game that goes until about four in the morning. Most people are asleep in the stands. The players are skating in slow motion. The TV announcer dozes off. All that. Just to make things different. To see history being made.

There’s been some classics over the years. Like these, from SportsIllustrated.com

The longest playoff games in NHL history
Date Result Round OT GWG
3-24-36 Detroit 1, Mtl. Maroons 0 semifinal 116:30 Mud Bruneteau
4-3-33 Toronto 1, Boston 0 semifinal 104:46 Ken Doraty
5-4-00 Philly 2, Pitt. 1 conf. semis 92:01 Keith Primeau
4-24-96 Pitt. 3, Wash. 2 conf. quarters 79:15 Petr Nedved
3-23-43 Toronto 3, Detroit 2 semifinal 70:18 Jack McLean
3-28-30 Mtl. Cdns 2, N.Y.R. 1 semifinal 68:52 Gus Rivers
4-18-87 N.Y.I. 3, Wash. 2 first round 68:47 Pat LaFontaine
4-27-94 Buffalo 1, N.J. 0 first round 65:43 Dave Hannan
3-27-51 Mtl. Cdns 3, Detroit 2 semifinal 61:09 Maurice Richard
3-27-38 N.Y.A. 3, N.Y.R. 2 quarterfinal 60:40 Lorne Carr
3-26-32 N.Y.R. 4, Mtl. Cdns 3 semifinal 59:32 Fred Cook
3-21-39 Boston 2, N.Y.R. 1 semifinal 59:25 Mel Hill
4-17-99 Dallas 3, Edm. 2 first round 57:34 Joe Nieuwendyk
5-15-90 Edmonton 3, Boston 2 final 55:13 Petr Klima
6-19-99 Dallas 2, Buffalo 1 final 54:51 Brett Hull
4-9-31 Chicago 3, Mtl. Cdns. 2 final 53:50 Cy Wentworth
3-26-61 Chicago 2, Mtl. Cdns. 1 semifinal 52:12 Murray Balfour
4-1-37 Detroit 2, Mtl. Cdns. 1 semifinal 51:49 Hec Kilrea
3-26-30 Chicago 2, Mtl. Cdns. 2 quarterfinal 51:43 Howie Morenz
4-23-96 Chicago 2, Calgary 1 first round 50:02 Joe Murphy
4-2-39 Boston 2, N.Y.R. 1 semifinal 48:00 Mel Hill
4-24-97 Mtl. Cdns. 4, N.J. 3 first round 47:37 Patrice Brisebois
6-8-00 Dallas 1, N.J. 0 final 46:21 Mike Modano
3-20-30 Boston 2, Mtl. Maroons 1 semifinal 45:35 Harry Oliver
3-22-49 Detroit 2, Mtl. Cdns. 1 semifinal 44:52 Max McNab
6-10-96 Colorado 1, Florida 0 final 44:31 Uwe Krupp
3-27-60 Toronto 5, Detroit 4 semifinal 43:00 Frank Mahovlich
3-29-51 Mtl. Cdns. 1, Detroit 0 semifinal 42:20 Maurice Richard
5-4-97 Detroit 3, Anaheim 2 quarterfinal 41:31 Slava Kozlov
4-29-71 N.Y.R. 3, Chicago 2 semifinal 41:29 Pete Stemkowski

4 thoughts on “Length Matters”

  1. I knew a fellow who absolutely hated hockey. Wouldn’t even pretend to have an interest in it until his father-in-law came in to town for their first visit. They sat down together to watch the game with my friend thinking the pain would be over rather quickly and he would have done his duty as far as the visit went. That was the night Petr Nedved scored in the fourth overtime for Pittsburgh. You can still see the misery in his eyes whenever a person reminds him of the day.

  2. Dennis I’m confused, I know it’s easy to do.
    First Theoren Fleury showed that at 5’6″ that size doesn’t matter. But here length matters; winning after a long overtime makes the victory much sweeter.

  3. Chris, I’m confused 99% of the time. Today I put toast in the toaster to make a sandwich and I only put one slice in.

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