Lagace Came Closer Than Us

Below is an original letter I bought on ebay for eighteen bucks.

It’s an invitation from Sam Pollock to Michel Lagace to attend the Quebec Aces training camp in 1962 and signed by Pollock’s secretary. I guess Sam was busy being Sam.

Lagace made the team that year, played five games and recorded one assist. That’s all I know about the guy.

Under the letter is Lagace’s stats where you’ll see he had a cup of coffee in the EPHL (Eastern Professional Hockey League) with both the Montreal Royals and Hull-Ottawa Canadiens. And although he didn’t exactly have a stellar hockey career, he accomplished more than most of us and should be proud. Don’t forget, the Canadiens and their farm system were stacked at this time.

I would have loved to have gotten a letter like this. All I’d get were phone calls from my Byer’s Bulldozers Orillia Midgets coach telling me to show up and could my dad drive some players to the game in Collingwood or Huntsville.

  Pts PIM GP G A Pts PIM
1959-60 Montreal Royals EPHL 7 1 2 3 0
1961-62 Hull-Ottawa Canadiens EPHL 27 2 9 11 10 8 0 2 2 8
1962-63 Quebec Aces AHL 5 0 1 1 0

15 thoughts on “Lagace Came Closer Than Us”

  1. Dennis,

    Can you imagine getting that letter? You read it a couple of times and then realise it doesn’t tell you what time to turn up. So what do you do? Hide around the corner from 4 in the morning and then stroll up when you see others arriving?

    I see we’ve called up more yoof for tonight. The boy Nash gets a bash.

    One last thing, when watching the game against the Leafs I was wondering how Versteeg was coping with the step down from Chicago and Stanley Cup action. Well I wont worry too much about his morale now. Bet his form picks up.

  2. Dennis and BB, here’s the official press release on 23-year-old, 6’3″ 210 lbs. Brendon Nash. What a joy it must be for the kid to be called up to the big club…

    Former team-mate Max Pacioretti thinks very highly of him in this story covering the Canadiens’ youth squad…

    Also, instead of the usual steady-and-ready Ryan Miller, it will be Patrick Lalime in nets for Buffalo. Let’s hope he’s La-lame tonight.

  3. Gillis 2.0 just called up Yann Sauve from the Manitoba Moose to play tonight. This guy went to my elementary school and the one of the thing I remember about him was that he was by far, the biggest and strongest kid in the school. This guy was a giant and when I found out that he played hockey, I didn’t understand how a guy that big could skate. I would always make snow forts at school and one time me and my buddies made a huge snowball that froze overnight and no one was able to move it, or at least we thought no one could move it. Yann, being a year older than me, destroyed our fort and carried the ball away easily. Time for him to mess with people his own size

  4. Dennis, if Toronto beats Boston tonight and we beat Buffalo, we will be in third place!

    Go Leafs Go!

    Ohhhhhh. That doesn’t feel right…..

  5. Danno, how come Nash is called up? Are they not happy with Picard or do they just feel they’re a bit thin and it’s time? Hope he makes an immediate impact.

  6. Blue Bayou, the Toronto circus is amazing and I believe Brian Burke is the most overrated GM in the league. People talk about him like he’s Sam Pollock but he makes blunder after blunder. He talks a mean GM though. like he knows exactly what he’s doing. Believe me, when I own the team, this guy won’t be part of it. Versteeg must be ecstatic. Goes from the Leafs to a contender. Like he just won the lottery. (Even though it’s Philly, where they’re all cross-dressers).

  7. Danno, it’s time to pour 10 past Enroth and send him with his tail between his legs back to Portland.

  8. Gillis, he better not mess with the Habs. And it sounds to me like he was a schoolyard bully. I’ll relay your info to some of my Canucks fans friends. And Gillis, how did the Kerouac movie being made in Hudson go?

  9. “Even though it’s Philly, where they’re all cross-dressers”

    Oh my that made me laugh. (In a pinko liberal jocular – each to his own – live and let live kind of a fashion).

    And I thought it was “Broad” Street ’cause that’s where the rink was located.

    Pronger in a pencil skirt? That’s a disturbing image.

  10. And as I retire for the night my advice would be that there is no need to cheer for the Leafs, just concentrate on willing the Bruins to lose. That way the Leafs are merely an agent in the defeat of the Bruins and you are offfering no posistive encouragement.

    People cheered as Louis XVIth’s head parted company from the rest of him, but they weren’t supporting the guillotine as such.

    A small but significant point I believe.

    Oh and I read somewhere today a comment that Ontario was traditionally the source of most of the fighting and general goonery in hockey.

    Care to comment as a son of that provincial soil?

    (Don’t shout too loudly as I’m going to try and get some sleep.)

  11. Blue Bayou, Matt Cooke is an Ontario boy from Belleville. It’s very sad. But I’m sure everyone in Cinncinnati, where Charles Manson was born, aren’t like Manson. (although I can’t be sure exactly). Most guys from Ontario are excellent. Just ask the women.

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