Left-Handed Voodoo Child

It was the summer of 1966 and we milled around outside Club Pavalon dance hall in Orillia, waiting to see well-known US soul singer Wilson Pickett (Mustang Sally, In The Midnight Hour, Land of a Thousand Dances). But he never showed, the show was cancelled, and we left. Back to the pool hall for me, I suppose.

In that same year, Pickett would sometimes have an up-and-coming young fellow playing guitar for him, and I can’t help thinking how cool it would have been to see this guitarist at Club Pavalon in Orillia, which, by the way, was owned by Hobo’s father.

Below is Wilson Pickett in New York in May of 1966, just a few months before he missed his gig in Orillia. The left-handed guitarist beside him is none other than Jimi Hendrix.

 Hendrix would go to England later on that year and begin to set the world on fire.

4 thoughts on “Left-Handed Voodoo Child”

  1. I’m pissed too, Hobo. Even before Jimi was famous, he was a wild guitar player, playing behind his back and with his teeth, and because he was so wild, he kept getting fired. He was also a serious ladies man who enjoyed the company of several ladies at a time. His hero was Bob Dylan which is a bit of a surprise considering Dylan wasn’t flashy. But Jimi liked Dylan’s mind, his words.

  2. Dennis, it’s unfortunate that you missed out on seeing Pickett and Hendrix. But I don’t feel too bad for you, the music industry gave you a IOU chit and you got to see a lot of other really cool shit.

  3. You’re right, Chris. I’ve been lucky and in the right place many times over the years.

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