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A few months back, Alex Ovechkin presented basketball star LeBron James with a signed Capitals jersey. I saw the clip of this and Ovechkin seemed like a little kid in the presence of greatness, while James, abeit nice and friendly, seemed to play the role of the great player meeting a fan. At least, that’s what I got out of it.

Now, finally, James has sent a signed Cavs jersey to Ovechkin, and Caps owner Ted Leonsis, after giving it to the hockey star, said Ovechkin was like a little kid.

So my question is this: Is LeBron James on a higher level of stardom than Ovechkin? Shouldn’t James have been at least a little giddy meeting the hockey star? Of course Lebron James is the best or second-best basketball player in the world. But Ovechkin is best or second-best hockey player in the world. James is certainly bigger in the US, but Ovechkin has a hockey following in the US, Canada, Russia, the Scandinavian countries, and indeed, throughout the world. James is only 24 years old. It isn’t like he’s a long-time sporting icon like Gordie Howe, Larry Bird, or Willie Mays. And Ovechkin’s only a year younger. Somehow it doesn’t seem right that Ovie should be idol-worshipping someone who’s just on the same level as him.

But this is just my opinion.

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  1. I think its just that Ovie is just a big b-ball fan. Ovie’s mom, Tatyana Ovechkina, a former olympic gold medallist in basketball with the soviets. That must have sparked an interest in basketball for Ovie since he was young.

    Ovechkin’s father, Mikhail Ovechkin, is a former professional soccer player. They seem like the family that is naturally athletic and enjoys many sports.

    This is a bit off topic but, Ovechkin’s late brother, Sergei, introduced him to hockey. His brother died at 19 when Alex was only 10. Some of Alex’s friends claim that is why he is so passionate on the ice.

    Anyway, he’s in a very athletic family in a wide variety of sports. Being exposed to these sports more than others, he probably develloped a passion for them, much faster then most people would.

    As for LeBron, his whole life has been about basketball. Obviously he is very athletic, but I think that Ovechkin has wider variety of athletic abilities. For example, you can even youtube it, Ovechkin, in his first round of golf he had ever played in his life, got a hole in one.

    I find he’s similar to Alex Kovalev in the way he is able to pick up sports very easily. I read an article on Kovy in a magazine and talked about his off ice activities, he only started playing golf recently and already he’s playing in some very difficult golf tournaments in Russia. If he likes something, he’ll play it, and he’ll play it well. I think that is due to his parents. Kovy has a great work ethic. Apparently he is always the first on the ice at practice, and he practices very hard.

    Or maybe LeBron just doesnt like hockey

  2. Lebron james’ following is probably bigger than Ovechkins because basketball is a more popular sport world wide. I used to follow basketball very close and Lebron James had a massive following and was well known through-out the basketball world when he was 15 years old, and by the time he was 16, professional scouts were saying he was already good enough to be a superstar in the NBA. Lebron James is probably better known throughout the world because of how popular basketball is in North America, Europe and Asia. Ovechkin is only popular in Canada and some parts of the USA and obviously Russia and other hockey following parts of Europe.

  3. You’re right Jordy. Although it’s possible that any more games like Ovechkin had last night might catapult him into the stratosphere.

  4. It’s simple. Lebron James doesn’t follow Hockey so he doesn’t know how “big” Ovechkin is in his sport. It’s like me meeting one of the best tennis players. I won’t really be amazed seeing I don’t really care about that sport. Ovechkin clearly knew LB while LB just didn’t know OV.

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