Leaving The Ice

This 26 minute video is a sad yet fascinating tribute to Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, the Kontinental Hockey League team that went down in a plane a year ago. It looks at families in reflection, of players involved, of players from the newly-built Lokomotiv, and of Yaroslavl itself.

Just a really interesting piece, and I hope you enjoy. Thanks a lot to Danno for finding this and sending it over, and as Danno points out, near the end of this documentary, Lokomotiv fans sing Ole Ole, as they do at the Bell Centre.


2 thoughts on “Leaving The Ice”

  1. This is a great video but it is so sad.

    Before this happened I always wondered about teams traveling – not just hockey, but any sport. Considering the amount of traveling they all do in a year I always wondered if this would ever happen someday. So sad to see that it did.

    I feel so bad for them.

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