Leafs Take Another Big Step In Giving The Bruins That Number One Draft Pick

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but I think Brian Burke is out of his mind.

The Leafs GM just traded four regulars – Niklas Hagman, Matt Stajan, Jamal Mayers, and Ian White to Calgary for overrated and mistake-prone thug Dion Phaneuf, along with Fredrik Sjostrom and Keith Aulie, neither of whom you took in your pool.

Burke also selected Mike Komisarek to the US Olympic team, which might explain things a little.

6 thoughts on “Leafs Take Another Big Step In Giving The Bruins That Number One Draft Pick”

  1. Those four regulars you seem to suddenly think of play on a crap team in Toronto and are at best 3rd line players … Why not give Phaneuf a shot …Everyone noted him to be one of the leagues top young defenseman over the last 5 years.. Average his stats over the last 5 years ..pretty good ….

  2. Leaf Fan, you’re right in many ways about Phaneuf. But I wouldn’t be a good Habs fan if I didn’t give those Leafs a shot below the belt whenever possible. It’s in the genes. But there is one thing about Phaneuf aside from his punishing checks. He makes bad decisions often. Gives the puck away, or throws it up the middle. In fact, I think he and Komisarek are clones. But anyway, I admire you for sticking with your team, heck, the Habs are just as bad. I think we could use Phaneuf too. Although he’d probably get injured like everybody else. And I’m with you – Sens suck.

  3. The sad thing is the Sens do not suck .. a lot of good young players in Karlson and Foligno (Future Captain ..you watch) …

    A comment on the state of the Habs … The fact that the Habs seem to be caught in a rut each year in mid pack of the league I think is due to the fact that they have no true franchise player. Look at Crosby,Ovechcin,Staal,Mailkin…… All these players where aquired by finishing almost dead last in the league.
    I know enough about Montreal in that it would be totally unacceptable to gut the team and tank to finish in the draft lottery. The fans would have another Richard riot… But sadly it seems almost the only way to the cup is through the tanking out…

    The leafs of course cannot even get this method right as they tank out and forget to keep their pick….although I think Kessel is pretty good…

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