Both Leafs And Habs Spoil What Could Have Been A Very Nice Party

It was one of those nights where I worked the evening shift and wondered often how the game was going.

Maybe I should have just thought about my job.

The Habs sucked. They sucked to Toronto, falling 3-0, and the Leafs deserved it. It wasn’t one of these things where the best team lost.

I had a feeling things might not work out so well when the Canadiens had about an 8-1 lead in shots on goal and didn’t score. And sure enough, not long after, the Leafs beat Carey Price, and off and on from there on in, I was on the remote fast forward, getting rid of this mess as quick as possible. It was just too slow and depressing to want to see the whole thing.

The Leaf fans who weren’t amused about my previous post about 1967 must be chuckling with glee. I was warned that the Leafs were going to kick ass and the prophecy came true. And believe me, Toronto fans and those at Pension Plan Puppets, I give full credit to your team, and I wish you would realize a little more that I get in little digs at other teams, especially the Leafs and Bruins, in the name of great rivalry. I’ve  loved the Habs-Leafs, Habs-Bruins games for a long, long time, and somebody has to keep the thing alive. It’s not supposed to be peace and love out there.

Random Notes:

There are no Random Notes, the team doesn’t deserve them, although I’ll mention the Habs are in Buffalo on Thursday and then celebrate 100 years when they’re at home against the Bruins. I hate birthday parties.

5 thoughts on “Both Leafs And Habs Spoil What Could Have Been A Very Nice Party”

  1. How many times have we been shut out this season.
    4? 5?

    This is really getting ridiculous.
    And a lack of respect towards the Alouettes who were attending the game WITH THE GREY CUP.
    You won’t be winning the Stanley Cup in that fashion, boys.

  2. On the bright side, it was the straw that broke one pathetic player’s stay in Montreal.

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