Leafs Show They’re No Match For The Habs

I feel there’s no need to go into any kind of lengthy diatribe about the Canadiens’ solid 6-2 pounding of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who, by default of having Mikhail Grabovsky on their team, are a team to dislike, despise, boo and cheer against, and hope the 1967 Stanley Cup win is the Leafs’ last ever.

The most important thing for me to mention is that I’m feeling bad about saying a few weeks ago that Alex Kovalev should give part of his salary back. The Kovalevian One contributed a goal and three assists tonight, and continues with his linemates to melt the ice with their heat and production. I’m sorry I said this, Kovy. But you seemed asleep for so long this year.

I still disagree slightly with Jim about Kovalev. I believe he’s a star. Jim doesn’t. Either does Jordy. Jim thinks we expect too much from a guy who’s good but not great. Jordy thinks he’s a lazy and selfish player. But when I see this Russian at the top of his game, I see one of the best in the league. 

The Big Line – Kovy, Koivu, and Kovalev, are showing once again that this is match made in heaven, with Koivu drawing an assist and Tanguay adding a goal, for six points for the line. Rounding out the scoring for the Habs on this night were Chris Higgins and Guillaume Latendresse, who both needed to produce to add secondary scoring after the Big Line; Josh Gorges, whose every point is special; and Maxim Lapierre, who deserves to win some kind of award this year, whatever it may be.

And back to Mikhail Grabovsky. He quit the Habs, his team, last year because he wasn’t getting enough ice time. He ran back to his agent like a little kid and ended up where he belongs, witht the Leafs. He said that he has no friends on the Habs, a team he was part of. He’s been suspended for several games for being an idiot. He’s had an ongoing feud with Sergei Kostitsyn, but to Grabovsky’s credit,who knows what that’s all about. Tonight, he put Montreal’s best player, Andrei Markov, out of the game with a high shoulder against the boards. And as of now, there’s no word on how Markov is. I think Grabovsky has issues.

Another concern is Mathieu Schneider. The guy who came in late in the year and solidified Montreal’s power play, left after the first period after being hit by Brad May. The extent of this injury, like Markov’s, is also unknown right now, at 10 PM eastern time Saturday night.

Random Notes:

Senators travel to Montreal to meet the Habs on Monday. Is this another big game for the Habs? Does Sophia Loren have nice breasts?

4 thoughts on “Leafs Show They’re No Match For The Habs”

  1. Kovy is a star. But he just needs linemates capable of making it interesting, mostly because the other team sends 4 guys out to neutralize him. He was doing great with Lang and Patches for a bit…and then Carbo kept switching their lines around. Now Bob’s all “you three play together or else” and he’s got his swagger back. Also if you’ve got 4 guys covering Kovy now, it leaves Tanguay and Koivu uncovered 😉

  2. DK, no, I think Kovalev is a star – said it often – but I don’t think he is a superstar such as Lafleur or Beliveau or Messier et al.

  3. I don’t much care what anyone thinks about Kovalev being a star or not I just want him to continue to play like he is now. I doubt that we’re watching a future hall of famer but right now he’s our key guy and we’ll go as far as he can take us.

  4. good game for your habs last night Dennis, I do have to admit right now that kovalev is on fire, its nice to see hes picked his game up when the team needs him the most. After seeing the leafs get thumped on like that last night all I needed was the canucks to pull out a win and it would have been just about the perfect saturday night.

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