Leafs More Important Than World Peace And Global Warming

Due to the Canadiens-Sabres game not being televised, I made an executive decision. Instead of listening on the radio, I watched the Leafs-Detroit game, as a sort of scouting mission. You see, I’m not only an almost-owner and almost-stickboy and almost the guy who makes the players’ wives comfortable, but I’m also an almost-scout. I wanted and needed to get a feel for the Leafs, who the Habs open up against Oct. 1st.

I didn’t see much. Grabovski has put on weight. One of the players walked in to the rink wearing a fedora. Fans were quiet. Komisarek slammed a few guys but not much else, which is what he did in Montreal, although listening to the pre-game patter from the CBC boys, you’d think he was the saviour and a nice blend of Bobby Orr and Doug Harvey. I’m now absolutely convinced these guys paid no attention whatsoever to the Habs last year. Because if they did, why would they speak in such glowing terms about this bum?

From time to time I put aside my scouting duties to check in at the Bell Centre, and I noticed Ryan O’Byrne had a fight, Buffalo led 2-0 in the first and scored a short-handed goal. Short-handed goals are unacceptable. I also noticed that Carey Price is in goal and I’m slightly concerned. This is a guy who needs a big night and it’s not starting out that way.

I then saw on replay that O’Byrne destroyed the guy after the guy hurt Tom Pyatt. See Komisarek? That’s how you fight.

And why can’t the Habs, at some point in time, when all the stars are aligned, not allow any goals in a game? Shutouts are unheard of with this team. When was the last time they had a shutout, 1993? (Just looked it up. It appears both Price and Halak had one shutout each last year although that could be a misprint.)

Back in Toronto, Komisarek just thumped a guy near the net. I thought the announcers were going to have an orgasm. He also threw the puck up the middle which of course was intercepted, and took a bad penalty. Get used to it, Leafs fans, you’ll be seeing a lot of bad passes and bad penalties.

2-2 in Montreal. This is much better.

3-2 Montreal. Much, much better. Price came through in fine fashion. From the stats, it looked like a rough game, a good game, a game that should’ve been televised. Imagine, Leafs coast to coast on CBC, and the Habs nothing. But no wonder – Mike Komisarek and Jonas Gustavsson are the best players who ever lived. And there’s talk now that Gustavsson (The Monster) is better than Terry Sawchuk and Turk Broda combined and will soon be inducted into the Hall of Fame, even though he’s only played three periods in the NHL.

I couldn’t be sure but was that JIm Hughson and Craig Simpson kissing The Monster’s ring in the corridor after the game?

Random Notes:

Habs finish pre-season with four wins, two losses and one shootout loss, for nine points. That’s pretty good but of course it doesn’t compare with the magnificent, brilliant and overwhelming display of  hockey shown by the Leafs who now have ten points. That’s why CBC shows the Leafs. They’re just too darn good not to.

13 thoughts on “Leafs More Important Than World Peace And Global Warming”

  1. I found the fans giving gustav’s son a standing O (as in orgasm) pretty premature. Like you said, the guy has plaed three periods in the NHL, but not even the regular NHL… its still the preseason and these “hockey analyst” on CBC thinks he’s king shit. Thankfully, Ron Wilson realized that everyone is dumb for thinking this, and told everyone to keep it in their pants.

  2. Yeah, Wilson made more sense than the announcers. That game was a bit surreal in its stupidity. I loved it when Komisarek threw it up the middle and it was interecepted. It was so…….Komisarek.

  3. I dunno about this Gustavsson… Something fishy about that “heart problems” thing. Still, lucky to be alive.

    Price needs to play a lot to get in game shape but frankly two goals aren’t going to mess with him. These sparodic starts are totally screwing around with him but he’ll be fine when the real games start. I mean hey even Mr. Vezina Tim Thomas had a 5.0 GAA coming in last game as he was eaten alive by the Hartford Wolf Pack just prior.

    Anyway, I want Stewart to get a real NHL goal that counts! 🙁 Still, glad to hear there was a rally back to win a game without Markov. Both teams pretty much had their final roster out there too. Sucks about Pyatt…he was looking good. But glad Rhino destroyed the one who hurt him! No asking, no poking, just wham bam thank you ma’am.

  4. That would’ve beena good game to watch. You’re right, Price needs a sting of games under his belt to get some rythym. I think him playing well will make all of us breathe a little easier. And look at Gionta….

  5. The CotU media’s 2009-10 leaf loving onslaught has officially begun. I predict it will be beyond gut-wrenchingly disgusting and bile-inducing. Might as well give them the Stanley Cup now.

    The Habs lose two pre-season games 2-1 to the Bs and those games could’ve gone either way. The loss to OTT was the only real embarrassment, so all-in-all not too bad for 6 games of constant line juggling and moving players in/out of the line-up.

    A nice 5-0 start on the road would be nice.

    Dou$harek sucks.

  6. Nice rant Dennis. You have to give the leafs organization credit though, it’s very cult like and they’ve mastered the art of brainwashing. It starts with the media and trickles right down to the fanbase. Quite impresseive.

  7. Hi Moey. Ranting’s good for the….uh….something or other. One thing’s for sure. Habs must win next Thursday. And even though it was only pre-season, that was a huge character win for the Canadiens against Buffalo.

  8. Lot’s of hype around the Leafs…. but I’d say that’s the case every year…. it’s just a little more amplified since Burke came over. I mean, if one GM can take the spotlight away from his team… .it’s Brian Burke.

    So maybe that’s a perfect fit in Toronto. If the team struggles at least Burke can pull some shenanigans and we’ll all marvel at the man… the Legen…. ok ok….

    Now I’ll say this… I was a fan of Komisarek in Montreal. But I also agree with you Dennis that Leaf fans will have to get used to a bad penalty every now and then….

    Something else… I watched a pre-season game that TSN had broadcast…. McGuire was on fire in his comments about Komisarek. Anyways, I saw something else that we’d seen in Montreal.

    A bad pinch… short handed 2 on 1 the other way… Leafs get scored on. Anyone remember seeing those the last few years???

    I wish Komisarek all the best. But I also hope he looses everytime they play the Habs.

  9. Gionta looks like he was born to wear the CH. He looks happy, and his style of play fits right in. He really, really reminds me of Mats Naslund. He could be the best of the bunch.

  10. I was waiting for just one bad pass intercepted by the other team, and lo and behold, he did it. I also noticed that as the game wore on, the announcers began to speak less and less about him, like he wasn’t impressing them anymore. I don’t think he’s a great player, just a hard hitter.

  11. Is it ok to really hate a team? I really hate the Leafs, Boston doesn’t even come close to the Leafs on my Hate Meter. Boston fans in my town are great win or lose. Toronto fans? Ha not a chance!

  12. Ryan, it’s okay to really hate the Leafs. But you must always remember – you have to hate the Bruins almost as much. It’s in the bible.

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