Leafs And Pigs Fly

If I was a better man, I’d feel sorry for Leafs fans. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible person.

This email came today. The Leafs win the Cup every year. Their fans must be so spoiled.

Hi Dennis,

As you’re probably (joyfully) aware, Leafs fans have had to endure years of heartbreak. While the Habs made the playoffs four out of the last five seasons, those poor bastards over in Toronto have suffered 45 seasons of dashed hopes, drowned in beer. It’s a serious problem. On the heels of a frustrating lockout, with a new GM and a new coach, the Leafs might finally be ready to turn a (very sharp) corner – should they start planning the parade?

Being the devoted Habs fan that you are, we thought you might appreciate this cheeky open letter to the Leafs that ran in Wednesday’s Toronto Star:


Mark Zwolinski at the Star has shared a great twitpic of Leafs Assistant GM Dave Poulin accepting the delivery from Gare Joyce on behalf of the team.

Dave has promised to pass the eReaders along to the players and coaches. We’ll be following up with them on twitter during Saturday’s game, using the hashtag #TMLtalk in hopes that some of them will appreciate the joke and give us a book review.

If you have an eReader and a soft spot in your heart for the pipe dreams of others, the NHL of a bygone era, or some highly amusing speculative fiction, you should check this one out. Please let me know if you’d like to receive a copy.


Kelsey Marshall

Marketing & Publicity Intern

Penguin Canada

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