Leads Squandered

The Canadiens, on goals by Travis Moen and Max Pacioretty, jumped into a nice 2-0 lead over the New York Islanders in the first period, and visions of six straight danced in my head. Then, after an Islanders power play goal in the second, the Canadiens responded when Max notched his second of the night, and I began to think about a nice “Six Straight” title for this story.

The Islanders wouldn’t quit, closed the gap to 3-2, I stopped thinking about the good stuff and hoped we’d hold on, but like those days we’re trying to forget, the other team tied it in the third and won it in overtime.

It’s a point, though. But only if it could have been two. It would have another big night as Habs express rolls along. But it didn’t happen and that’s life. Can’t win ’em all. Wish we could, but we can’t, and the task now is to rebound on Saturday when the Rangers pay a visit. And carry on in fine fashion after that in Ottawa and Toronto.

One streak ends, another to begin. How great would it be it this is what happens.

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot the Islanders 33-25, including 14-3 in the first period.

Brandon Prust fought, and did well, against the gigantic Joe Finlay, after Finlay had rammed Lars Eller dangerously into the boards. I work with a guy who’s about 6’8, 250 pounds, the same as Finlay, and this is big dude. Prust is eight inches shorter and more than 50 pounds lighter, and as the season goes on, I find myself appreciating and admiring the guy more and more.

Rangers on Saturday. Time to rebound. And time for Erik Cole to start making a difference.



4 thoughts on “Leads Squandered”

  1. I listened to L’Antichambre tonight (haven’t forever) and they were suggesting to have Cole in the press box. They said if Therrien punishes the rookies, he needs to do so with veterans like Cole as well. I think they’re right. This kind of a move by the coach shows integrity, fairness and the young guys will respect him. Not so sure Cole would take that we’ll though.

    If I were a betting girl I’d say Cole is a Taurean and this sort of punishment would have a negative impact on him. I really sense that, I’m married to a guy like that.

    Does anyone out there think Price was soft tonight? First shot they had in the 3rd went in…

    Therrien looked pissed in the interview. Imagine what he’d say if a player commented in the room ‘you can’t win ’em all!!’

  2. Marjo, maybe they should sit him. It’s too bad because the guy has shown how great he can be. He can skate like the wind. But he said before the season started that he might retire because he’s not all that enthusiastic, and maybe he’s going through some kind of thing for sure. We need Cole. The team’s playing fairly well and would be even better if caught fire. C’mon Cole, snap out of it.

  3. Finlay is one inch taller than me. I could have taken him. 😉

    I knew a loss was due because streaks always end but I wish it had been done in a much better way than this. Least we got a point out of it so it’s not too bad to take. I do hate it when we piss away a game like this though. Two 2-goal leads wiped out. Blech.

    We’ll bounce back and I’m not too worried about this. It’s not like we were totally humilated like the Toronto game (although this game still leaves a lot to be desired).

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