Leading Up to the Big Canada-US Tilt: What They’re Saying

Who knows what the rest of the Olympic Men’s hockey will bring, but one thing’s for sure; Sunday’s Canada-USA game is going to be one huge mother of a war. Because as we all know, both countries would dearly love to beat the other. Yes, there’s some great rivalries in men’s hockey, particularly Canada and Russia, even Sweden and Finland, but in many ways, for a variety of reasons such as pride, familiarity, and North American bragging rights, Canada and the US is the best of all.

Bring it on!

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6 thoughts on “Leading Up to the Big Canada-US Tilt: What They’re Saying”

  1. Why all the hype on Crosby’s linemates? He didn’t do much in regulation, except for bleed, in the last game…the shootout-yes,but that doesn’t require linemates. I see other centers playing a better game….am I wrong?

  2. Jan, I think you’re right. Crosby has yet to find his game. He’s not shooting enough, and there hasn’t seemed to be a lot of chemistry on his line. He and everyone else needs to pick it up or notch or I’m gonna have to go down there and kick some ass.

  3. If Canada is frustrated with how Crosby is playing I wonder how the Russians feel about Ovechkin? Even though Sid hasnt found his groove yet I find it tuff to believe hes not playing good, after all he is tied for the lead in points and tied for second in +/- for Canada right now. I do agree he needs to start shooting more but Crosby is a big game player and always comes through when hes needed (the shootout for example). He might not have played the best game against the Swiss but anybody without the last name Heatley, Thornton or Marleau didnt play to special either. If/when Canada has there back to the wall and the games start getting tuffer, Crosby will be the guy to pick the team up and rally the boys to victory. Anybody who doubts that should go back and take a look at last years playoffs when the pens went down 2-0 in their series against the capitals and eventually go to a game 7 and win. In those 7 games Crosby had 13 points. He has got the job done at every level hes ever played at and hes been a champion at every level hes ever played at and hes only 22.

  4. Hey Dennis, our Habs are doing okay in the Olympics — with Halak the best goalie so far (1.3 GAA) and Sergei Kostitsyn with the most points (5). Watching Czechs vs Russia and Plekanecs scored a beauty to tie it up 1-1.

  5. Hi Danno. I had no idea Sergei has the most points. And Halak’s playing great. Just got up from graveyard shift and can’t wait for the Canada-US game in two hours. I was reading comments on the CBC page and some American fans are getting pretty nasty about this. But I guess some Canadian fans do too.

  6. Hi Jordy, You’re absolutely right and the thing is, it’s only two games. Crosby’s the guy for sure. Geez he’d look good in a Habs uniform.

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