Le Club de Hockey Cleveland

Because the 1930’s were a time of the Great Depression and money was scarce, it was decided that two teams in Montreal just weren’t economically feasible. So the Montreal Maroons, winners of the Stanley Cup in 1926 and 1935, bowed out and folded after the 1938 season, leaving the Canadiens to carry on.

The entire thirties had been a struggle. In the early part of the decade, the Montreal Canadiens were doing so poorly both on the ice and at the box office that they were considering moving  to Cleveland. (At least they could have kept the same crest.)

And to make matters worse, the Canadiens were even thinking about folding a couple of years after the Maroons had bit the dust.  So you know what that means? It means we could be Leaf fans right now.


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  1. Hey Dennis;I dont know about being a Leaf fan,although if there were no Habs maybe the Leafs whould be a stronger franchise.Clevland Canadiens just doesn’t sound right though,neither did the Clevland Barons though.I think our Canadian guys will be thinking alot about just what they have to accomplish in the next little while,I am confident that they will come up big.

  2. They’re going to come up big, Derry. It’s the power of positive thinking. They just need better chemistry.

  3. It’s possible I would have been a Leaf fan, but more likely I would have become a Bruin fan which is just as bad.

    On the other hand, imagine if California didn’t trade their 1st round draft pick to Montreal and Guy Lafleur ended up there. Hockey in San Fransisco would still have failed, but since there already would be a team in Cleveland, the team would have moved to Montreal instead. So most likely I would still have ended up a Montreal Canadien Seal’s fan.

    However hockey and the NHL would never have become what it is without the Canadiens. I can’t believe Richard or Beliveau would have played outside of Quebec. We might be watching professional lacrosse instead.

  4. Right on, Chris. That’s a damn funny comment if I do say so myself. I probably would have been a Leafs fan because I grew up in Orillia. In fact, most people in Orillia are Leafs fans. I was some sort of oddball. The Bruins were a last place team when I was a kid. Them and the Rangers. They were the two teams who were always out of the playoffs. In Orillia, only the Leafs were broadcast, on Wednesdays and Saturday nights, against whoever it would be. But the Montreal Canadiens were never shown except when they played the Leafs, and they were winning five straight Stanley Cups. They had the Rocket for god’s sakes.. But Peterborough TV showed Habs games and my dad knew a guy who could get channel 12 Peterborough and we’d go over over and watch games from the Forum in his little living room, with the Rocket, Harvey, Plante, Beliveau and everybody on the grainy black and white screen, and it was so magical I can’t even describe it. So I’m a Habs fan with all my heart, always have been, always will. I just can’t imagine the same thing with the Leafs if the Habs would have folded in the thirties.

  5. Dennis, it’s a miracle you escaped the Leaf’s clutches. Coming from Hamilton, most people I knew were Leaf fans, but I had a few outs and I took them.
    It’s a good thing I wasn’t very bright. To me Toronto was the big bad city we compared ourselves against and the Argos are despised. How was I supposed to know that I should cheer for the Leafs while hating everything else about the city.
    It helped that the Leafs with Ballard were a joke, while the Habs with Lafleur were the best. So if not for Lafleur and the Habs I figure it would have been Orr and the Bruins.

  6. Chris, there’s the difference for you. Ballard vs. Lafleur and company. And you couldn’t have gone wrong with Orr and Espo and Cashman and those guys. Anybody but Ballard and the Leafs. So I see why it would be Boston. But what if it was Orr on Toronto with Ballard?

  7. Dennis, just thinking about these bad options makes my head hurt. I guess I’ll just stick to being a Montreal Canadiens fan and leave the others for the Bizarro universe.

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