Late Tonight In La La Land

Canadiens in Los Angeles for a 10:30 ET game against the Kings, a team that features the likes of Anze Kopitar, Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, Justin Williams, Drew Doughty, and goalkeeper Jonathan Quick.

I just hope the boys didn’t party too much last night as teams in the past would do when they hit Southern California.

Maybe they showed up at a post-Oscars party and broke curfew.

Nope. I trust them.

The last time these two teams played, the Kings walloped the Habs 6-0 and it was the beginning of a very dismal stretch for the blue, blanc et rouge that saw them lose six of ten games.

But that was then and this is now. A big game tonight and two points needed thank you very much.

And to fill in space, I noticed this in a 1935 Winnipeg paper. It’s funny, even though the Canadiens got plastered by the Leafs that night.

“CHARLIE OUTSCORED! MONTREAL, March 1935. The usual group of youngsters were standing around the dressing – room door of the Toronto Maple Leafs last night after they had plastered Canadiens with a 10 – 3 defeat. When Charlie Conacher emerged, one of the kids asked him for a stick. The Leafs’ right – winger replied ha didn’t have one. “What,” declared the youngster, “you can’t let me have a stick after scoring four goals!” “They’re all locked up,” countered Conacher. “You should be too,” came back the kid and Canadiens agreed.”


10 thoughts on “Late Tonight In La La Land”

  1. Funny story. This is a huge trip for the Habs. It’s time to figure out if the team’s recent wins were a mirage, or if there should be realistic hope of a playoff run……….

  2. No Price tonight, he’s been placed on IR retroactive to last Wednesday which I think means he can play on Wednesday in Anaheim. So I’m unsure why they bothered, I don’t think anyone is coming up from Hamilton to take his place on the roster. Unless they did it before deciding to send just activated Drewiske to Hamilton.

  3. Thank god Budaj’s been solid, eh Christopher? Imagine if we would’ve had a lesser backup. But having said that, hurry up Price. This is a huge four games coming up, and then it’s Boston.

  4. The silence has been deafening, Mike. The Markov thing lingers. And the team needs more pizazz. I hear lots of opinion on TSN that they’ll probably stay fairly quiet. But I’d welcome any sort of upgrade.

  5. Mike, Price on IR doesn’t affect cap. Drewiske down to Hamilton saves his $.6M but I think that was the plan all along. He was signed as an injured #8 defenceman and placed on LTIR as soon as possible.

    However a that’s a good point regarding a potential trade. The extra roster spot allows us to add a player and defer deciding what to do until Tokarski is sent back down. I just hope Bergevin’s not trading away a draft pick for a rental.

  6. I heard rumors from VERY reliable sources that Markov for Gomez , Kaberlay & Komizarik AND Thornbush for Phanuff. Apparently Carlye wants out of hog-town.

  7. Everything points towards the Habs doing very little, if anything, at the trade deadline.

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