Late-Breaking News – Bruins Fan Defects To Habs

We interrupt this blog to bring you news from Boston, where local resident Diane S. has announced her surprising defection to the Habs from the Bruins.

Diane, who announced her shocking decision right here at, had this to say:

“Consider me a Habs fan as of today.  (That is if you’ll have me in your group.)  I’m a relative new comer to hockey (7 years since I went to my first game and became hooked on this great sport.)  Anyway, after last night’s disgusting, heartless hockey from the Bruins, I’m renouncing my team.  Yes, I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee. 
I have Center Ice and will now watch Habs games and cheer them loudly and with great gusto. 
From now on, I will only go to minor league hockey games and only Bruins when they play Les Canadiens. 
I believe champagne is in order for my baptism this weekend, eh?”

So there you have it. A major defection has occurred just this morning in Boston.

Now back to our regularly-scheduled Habs, Leafs, playoffs, contest, Olympics, goaltending situation, injuries, head shots, Gary Bettman, global warming, world economy, terrorism, and how much American Idol sucks this year.

4 thoughts on “Late-Breaking News – Bruins Fan Defects To Habs”

  1. Wow. Usually a Bruins fan would rather die than defect to the Habs. Though can’t say I really blame her, honestly. That was fairly pathetic last night. (Well, they’ve been out of it most of the year, really).

    However, chin up Diane. I’m sure they’ll be fine next year (maybe, step one would be getting rid of Jacobs though…….)

    But we’re a happy bunch most of the time and welcome to all.

  2. Diane, if you enjoyed hockey before, you’ll be ecstatic about how wonderful it is while cheering for the Habs. Toss back some bubbly and you’ll think you died and went to heaven. The extra icing on the cake is that you’ll have won 19 Stanley Cups overnight.

  3. Hi Dennis:

    Thanks for sharing my story. Number 31, nothing will change with Jacobs as owner ever. I’m sick of paying nearly triple for my tickets this year and getting nothing in return. Mind you, I still worship Bobby Orr, love Patrice Bergeron, Tuukka Rask and Johnny Boychuk. They play with heart, so I’ll like them. Alright, I may have to wear my Bergeron shirt and root for the Bruins when they play the Leafs in Boston, but breaking up is hard to do. My sister, Nancy, has been a loyal Habs fan for years and years. The Habs have passion, pride and are an original 6 team. Plus you are in Canada where it all started.

    Christopher C. you are the best!

    So thank you for letting me root for Les Canadiens. Go Habs Go!

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