Las Vegas Loves The Capitals. And Their Wranglers

Saw the last period of the Washington-Pittsburgh game last night on a giant TV at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with everyone watching in easy chairs. The curious thing was that when Ovechkin scored the winner and added a third goal, most everyone cheered like crazy. So it seems that Washington is the favourite team, at least in this series, on the Vegas strip. Except for the guy beside me who had about six empty shooter glasses and a handful of empty beer bottles, and couldn’t look at the screen as time wound down.

Then went to game 5 of the Las Vegas Wranglers-Stockton Thunder series with 5300 wild and crazy fans in the building, and Vegas won 4-2 in a great game that had everyone delirious with joy. Las Vegas seems to be a surprisingly knowledgable hockey city. Of course though, everyone’s from somewhere else, which kind of explains it.

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Loves The Capitals. And Their Wranglers”

  1. Sure seems as if you’re having a great time down south Dennis………on the other hand– who doesn’t like to see Ovie doing his great stuff on the ice…..I sure do. Possibly he’ll get his chance to show “us ” Canuck fans up close ‘n personally……….in the near future!

  2. You just might get your wish, Jan. But the Canucks have to play better than last game.

  3. I saw it Jan. Watched it in the same place, Planet Hollywood. They did play well, and there were a lot of of Canucks fans there watching.

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