Lars Eller Day At Classic

Lars Eller was at Classic Auctions for a few hours on Sunday to sign pucks and jerseys and photos, and Luci and I were there to help out.

Luci helped at the entrance table, and I stood around a lot and unwrapped some puck holders.

But I talked to Lars a little bit and I’ve come away knowing that this is a nice and polite fellow who seems a bit shy, and the kind of guy that Luci and a lot of other women would like to mother and the kind of guy who makes me feel really freaking old.

I wanted to ask him if he’d put in a good word for me about the stick boy job but I figured he might think I was a raving lunatic so I didn’t. Was I wrong not to ask?



And in non-Lars news, Classic Auctions is in the Guinness Book of Records for the following –



7 thoughts on “Lars Eller Day At Classic”

  1. Dennis, I used to think “it never hurts to ask” until one time I asked for something and got a slap in the face! :mrgreen:

  2. You bet you were wrong to not ask! You know the heavy guy that sits in the penalty box and holds a clip board? I want his job and I would shine. And as stickboy, you are my “in”.

  3. Dennis stick-boy job or not you are living a dream! In Montreal during hockey season, meeting actual habs players, too cool!

  4. Mike, he’s alive and well but I don’t know why he’s not here. But it happens with folks and I’ve accepted it.

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