Lanny McDonald To Play Goal For The Leafs

lannyRetired superstar Lanny McDonald, who was a forward all his life, has been recruited by the Toronto Maple Leafs to play goal for them after GM Brian Burke realized that his existing goalies suck.

McDonald scored 500 goals and added 506 assists in 1111 games with three different teams, the Leafs, Colorado Rockies, and Calgary Flames, and is now 56 years old. McDonald currently makes his home just outside of Calgary and there’s no word whether he’ll be moving to Toronto permantly, or just temporarily. McDonald was the one who roamed the ice sporting a big honkin mustache, a giant of a thing that became his absolute trademark. Did you ever wonder why his wife would want to kiss him with that disgusting furball covering his mouth? And imagine all the relish and boogers that got stuck in there?

McDonald couldn’t be reached for comment but ………

Oh, wait a minute, I’ve just gotten word that the goalie will be Joey MacDonald, not Lanny McDonald.


Never mind.

3 thoughts on “Lanny McDonald To Play Goal For The Leafs”

  1. I’ll bet Lanny would even score a few goals too…..

    The Leafs are in bad need of an “offensive goaltender”…. or an offensive defensive something….

    a true multi-purpose player.

  2. I bet Lanny’s moustache would have stopped more pucks than Joey did.

    This just in….

    News Flash – – – – Coach Ron Wilson has called on Ronald McDonald of McDonkey’s Burgers fame to play goal against the visiting New York Rangers Saturday night.

    Wilson reasoned that the Leaf’s season so far has been like a hamburger with sh*t in it and every game is another bite.

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