Lakes And Billions

Jonathan Toews is going to have a lake in Manitoba named after him.

If you are ever in Merritt, BC, just take the Kane Valley Road for about 16 kilometres and go for a nice swim in Kane Lake. Or, while enjoying the scenery in northern Saskatchewan, dip your head in beautiful Kane Lake. Or head down to Idaho and throw your line out in Kane Lake, which is near Kane Creek, situated in Custer County.

Jonathan Toews is only going to have one lake.


When is Ilya Kovalchuk going to sign? Is it because 70 million just doesn’t get the job done, or is he waiting for an extra million or two because he has bills to pay, for cripes sakes? Is the owner holding out paying the not-agreed-upon difference because they’re poor bastards and Kovalchuk should have a heart?

Imagine how much money owners must have if they can pay salaries that would feed all of Africa for a year, or keep me in beer for several months? But if they have what it takes to become an owner of a team, then they should be able to haul in coin by the wheelbarrow. On the other hand, without the players, there is no coin, so players must be made rich too. They’re the ones people buy tickets to see. Never once did I buy a ticket to see George Gillette or one of the Molsons or Harold Ballard.

Of course, never once did I buy a ticket to see Ilya Kovalchuk either.

Players want many millions, owners have a billion, and the rest of us poor schmucks have bread and water and ill-fitting shoes. It’s so beyond anything I can fathom it makes me want to drown my sorrows at TC’s pub and then walk across the street for a chocolate donut at the fabulous and newly-opened Tim Hortons.

Just hurry up and sign, Kovalchuk. And if you’re so fantastic and deserve 70 or 100 million, why did the New Jersey Devils get the boot in the quarter-finals by the Philadelphia Flyers? And fans in New Jersey weren’t coming to see you, they came to see the players’ wives located just behind the net and off to the left slightly.

Maybe Kovalchuk is waiting for a lake to be named after him.

10 thoughts on “Lakes And Billions”

  1. Why they lost, they could not score all year for one reason. So they added him beat Pittsburgh out of first because they won all 6 games against them. But Lamorello a GM who knows what he is doing also believes you do not stand pat with such a team that finished 15 points higher than 88 points. And he goes out and adds Tallinder, Volchenkov, Arnott and tries to resign him whose numbers have been consistant his entire career. He even had 2 goals and 4 assists himself in that 5 game series with Philly.

    In the meantime Gainey and Gauthier as other teams in the east as well have bolstered their squads, Habs were forced to stand pat due to the cap hell these 3 Gainey/Gauthier/Brisebois’ own incompetance put them in again.

  2. Dennis, I’d be happy to have a large puddle named after me and free lunch as a bonus. Jeepers, these players need to mingle with real fans.

    Hope all is well with your back!

  3. Bill you lose a lot of credibility when you argue that Lamorello trading his 1st round pick in a useless cause is proof how how good a GM he is while condemning Gauthier for trading a 2nd round for 3 playoff rounds.

  4. Dennis it’s a good reminder to spread the negativity around. After complaining about Montreal management, we must move on to
    Gary Bettman, anyone who fights for southern US teams
    The Leafs, Leaf fans
    Overpaid players and cheapskate owners
    People who judge hockey from watching Slap Shot
    The trap, boring defencive plays
    Divers, referees, bad calls
    Visiting star, goon, coach, player, fan
    Schedule makers, broadcast rights holders
    The IIHF, pro-European style hockey, the KHL
    Don Cherry, play-by-play announcer, analyst
    Anyone who disagrees with me

    Crap, that list is long. I’m getting behind my quota.

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