Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You – Ken/Jiggs

Recently I wrote about Jiggs McDonald, the Orillia radio guy who was hired to be the LA Kings first play-by-play guy, then moved on to the New York Islanders, Atlanta Flames, Florida Panthers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and also enjoyed a brief stint with baseball’s New York Mets. I had mentioned, which you can click on right here and check out, that Jigg’s name was changed from Ken to Jiggs to begin his NHL career in Los Angeles.

Ken/Jiggs also may or may not have helped in getting me out of my week-long stay in an LA jail, which is also described in the link above.

Here’s Ken/Jiggs, when he was just a small town guy doing a big time job for CFOR in Orillia.

And a slightly more recent picture.

12 thoughts on “Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You – Ken/Jiggs”

  1. Dennis, Jiggs won the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award which was presented to him in 1990 by the Hockey Hall of Fame for broadcast excellence. On top of that, Jiggs seems like a really nice guy.

    From the HHoF site:

    The Foster Hewitt Memorial Award is presented in recognition of members of the radio and television industry who made outstanding contributions to their profession and the game during their career in hockey broadcasting. Selected by the NHL Broadcasters’ Association.

    Here’s Jiggs doing the intro to an Islanders vs Leafs game. He appears at about the 1:30 mark…

  2. Dennis is there any coincidence to growing up in the Sunshine City and ending up on the Sunshine Coast?

  3. Chris, the Leaf thing is just stupid. They’re worried the Ryerson team might take sales from Air Canada? Damn. First the Habs stick it to a small business, and now this. I can’t stand it. Many of the comments hit the mark below the story hit the mark.

  4. Hey Dennis,I remember Jiggs Macdonald from the 80’s and 90’s,I havent seen him around for awhile now,yes the infringement thing is a lot of crap,so sad they could give the game a bad name.I heard from my son this morning,he says “it’s as hot as hell and stinks like shit 24/7”.It was great to chat with him on Skype.He has been there 13 days so far.

  5. Hey Dennis, no he just got there 13 days ago,he has 63 more days ubtill he gets a two week holiday then back there until December sometime.He is working in the hospital there at camp today,(They are 11.5 hours ahead of us)and he says he sometimes does patrols “outside the wire”.

  6. Hey Dennis,Thanks to hobo,my son is well and thanks my friend,I appreciate all the feelings

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