7 thoughts on “Lack Of Class”

  1. Ottawa coach Paul MacLean addresses the media before tonight’s game between the Habs and the Senators:

  2. Danno, that was amazing. But I’m still unsure. Was that a walrus, or was that a Paul MacLean interview?

  3. Amazing what they will do to sell papers, I sent the editors an e-mail voicing my displeasure. There will be no response from the cowards i’m sure but the editor who approved this would not be so crass if that was his son or family member, freaking pigs !

  4. Way to go, Joe. It was very tasteless. It helped build up animosity though. That and their idiotic coach who calls players by their number and not names. What’s up with that?

  5. It’s a coach thing to refer to players by their numbers. Some coaches. Dallas coach Tom Landry, in film sessions in the week leading up to a game would refer to opposing players by their numbers. John Madden commented that he felt that Landry believed this would reduce the mystique around certain players and make the assignment more achievable. “Yeah, I can cover 82.” But when you use the name; say “Dwight Clark”, the assignment can seem more intimidating.

    I know of a good segment of coaches in all sports who use this technique. It’s a way to depersonalize things. As for MacLean (or is it McLean … or is it #52; he seems like a “52” to me), he’s the kind of coach who continues coaching in the press conference. Always aware of the impact his words might have on his players, he phrases things as such. The message is “We’re not taking ownership of this play (it’s number 61’s fault) but we’re not trying to embarrass anybody”; in this case, Diaz. He wants everyone to move on. He used the famous “hockey play”. And because so much of the press corps is, um, the way they are… that’s the spin they’ll parrot.

    It’s annoying but it’s just another form of gamesmanship.


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