La Famille Rocket

The Maurice Richard family. from left – Maurice Jr., Hugette, Lucille, Suzanne on Rocket’s lap, Normand, and Andre on the floor with his teddy bear. This is circa 1958. Two other boys, Paul and Jean, would round out this family.

I’ve read that Maurice Jr. was a fine hockey player, his nickname was “The Little Rocket,” but he became the subject of adults in the stands who gave him grief for not being as good as his dad. Normand was a decent athlete too, but also heard nasty remarks because he happened to be the son of such an icon. For whatever reasons, when it comes to certain adults or other parents in the stands, some can be absolute imbeciles.

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  1. Imbeciles isn’t a strong enough word Dennis. It’s not even just sports, it also seems to be everywhere – music, actors, and in normal everyday life.

    People will always compare but I hate it when they dump all of it on you. Like give someone a chance before you condemn them.

    I can only imagine the pressure that Blake Geoffrion must be feeling. Can you picture if the Rocket had a grandson in hockey and he played here? Poor kid.

  2. And Darth, even though Gordie Howe’s sons were good players, they probably heard it too. Adults can be like babies. They used to get on Gretzky when he was about ten years old. I recall reading about a mother who hired a hitman to get rid of a competitor of her daughter, a cheerleader or something. The world’s a nutty place.

  3. During years sixties, I have been witness of this kind of behavior against Normand Richard. He was then playing as a bantam player, for an Ahuntsic’s team, District of Montreal, into Pee Wee-Bantam Tournament of late Claude Mouton.

    Some friends or siblings and players of the opponent team were yelling multiple sarcastic remarks to Normand, even Maurice “Rocket” Richard ans his wife Lucille were sitting right there in the middle of the stand…

  4. It’s horrible behaviour, Jacques. He probably ended up disliking hockey in general. I’ll bet he doesn’t watch it now. It’s no wonder so many kids of NHLers quit hockey early. I’d say most. Normand and I are the same age and I have a nice picture of him and his dad when he was about 11.
    Thanks for the comment. Merci beaucoup.

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