10 thoughts on “Kyle Chipchura Has A Chance To Prove Himself”

  1. Really where does he play in the lineup? Gomez, Plecs, Lapierre, and Metro, doesn’t appear to be any room at centre do we move him to wing? Hey Dennis Chipchura was/is captain of the Bulldogs why not make him Captain if he can hold down a spot with the big club!

  2. I don’t mind the idea of him being captain, but he has to be an absolute regular on the team. And I think that’s undecided right now. I think he has real natural-born leadership qualities. He has a better chance in a few years probably. I think Jean Beliveau should be captain.

  3. Someone needs to make Chipchura a winger on Metro’s line, please. His forte is shutdown, he protects the puck like a master, he was the only one on the team with the brains to stop the Sedin Cycle, he’s gritty and will punch faces and stick up for his teammates, his skill is penalty kill and shorthanded goals, and he leads like a veteran (and has captained every team he touched, from juniors, Team Canada, and the Bulldogs). If his only knock is faceoffs then they’re missing on a great kid. (And besides, I don’t recall anyone really winning faceoffs on this team other than Lapierre–after Lang got hurt–anyway).

    Also he isn’t as slow as people say. Seems to zip down the ice in the AHL just fine. I hear he trains with Iginla.

    The Flyers appear to have no problem putting 3 centers on one line…

  4. He does seem to have a real maturity about him. If he can help keep the shots down (the team’s weakest point last year), then he’ll be a regular and a real asset. I remember him as a mature junior with real leadership.. You know, the biggest question for me is how will the Kostitsyn’s and Plekanec play. If they can find their game, the team will roll. I don’t like saying this but these guys match the stereotypical European players who no one can figure out. They need to pick it up a notch because all three are good players that the team needs.
    And I have faith Carey Price will rebound now.

  5. I have to admit that I’m not optimistic about CHipCHura. He’s had really brief chances in the past but I think the team would be more interested if his name was LaChipCHura. Maybe he could change his name?

  6. I’m really hoping that Chipchura gets some playing time this year.

    If he gets a regular spot, I think he’ll find his groove.

    I thought at times he showed some great play along the boards last year.

    Plus, since he was the captain in Hamilton…. he’s likely an asset in the room for sure.

    Give him a shot!


    Rootin’ for ya Kyle!

  7. This is going to be another wait and see. But he has leadership qualities, so that’s a big plus for him.

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