Kristina Groves Grabs Her Second Medal

Ottawa’s Kristina Groves won her second medal of the Vancouver games, capturing silver in women’s 1500 metre speedskating. Kristina won a bronze last week in the 3000 metre.

This makes nine medals so far for Canada, an amount many people in the country aren’t happy with, but Canada is doing much better than the majority of participating nations so I don’t know what the problem is.

Canada finished with 24 medals in total four years ago in Turin and it’s certainly possible to erase this mark in Vancouver.

Good for Kristina. Bad to critics who aren’t happy with the medals so far.

2 thoughts on “Kristina Groves Grabs Her Second Medal”

  1. Kristina put in a very good time, I don’t know how it didn’t win.
    Canada is doing well but we’re not getting the breaks we need. We’ll be hard pressed to match the 24 medals we had in Turin 4 years ago.

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