Kovy Joins The Bums Up The Road


Sacre bleu du buildings du Parliament, merde, tabernac. Alex Kovalev is now an Ottawa Senator, signing for a paltry ten million for two years.

What does this mean?

It means we’re going to see Kovy within our division. And it means we’re going to see Kovy lose often. And it’s kind of like seeing your daughter marry the local wino.

Will he help the Senators? Of course he will. It’s the rest of the Senators who won’t help the Senators.

It hurts to see this, and it’s going to hurt when Kaptain Koivu joins an enemy too.

23 thoughts on “Kovy Joins The Bums Up The Road”

  1. Dennis,

    I think you should be happy that your rid of that bum now. He turned down a 2 year 9 million dollar offer to stay in montreal and play for hockeys most storied franchise and accepted a 2 year 10 million dollar offer to play for the sens. If that doesnt show how much of a selfish moron he is i dont know what does. I know you like Kovy and all but as this new season begins to unfold i think you’ll see him for the headcase he is and also see your habs are way better off without him.

  2. Maybe you’re right, Jordy. We’re starting fresh, a whole new team. But man oh man, when he had a good game, he was one of the best. But I think you’re absolutely right.

  3. It’s going to be really interesting watching him this year. How he’ll do, if he’ll be more consistant etc. I think he’s a great player.

  4. It will be interesting to see how he does. He’ll definitely have more skilled linemates in Spezza and Alfredsson (assuming one of them shifts to left wing) than he ever had in Montreal.

    But I think the biggest thing it will mean is that the Sens are now absolutely forced to unload Heatley since I don’t think they have the cap space for them all.

    Is it too soon to trade Gomez or Gionta to Ottawa for Heatley? He may be an ass, but we want to win.

  5. definitely cant argue the skill he has. like you said Dennis when hes having a good game there are few who are better then him. Its tuff to say how he is going to be with the Sens this year, on paper a person would probably think hes going to be a nightmare against other teams playing with a set up man like Jason Spezza. Kovy reminds me alot of Jaromir Jagr in the way that he can dominate a game at will and make it look so easy and then be nothing more then sub par the next game. I would really like to see Koivu come back to the habs though, the thought of him playing on another team just doesnt seem right. Even though his best days are behind him and hes not as much as an offensive threat anymore ( still managed 50 points in 65 games last year) I still think hes an affective hockey player and the habs would be a better team with him in the line up. He is the kind of guy you want in the dressing room showing the young guns how to be professionals on the ice and off.

  6. I still haven’t heard a real reason why Koivu is leaving. I’d just like to know. You’re right, he should stay and finish out his career in Montreal.

  7. Imagine if Gainey turned around and dealt the new guys after all this? It would be sort of hilarious, sort of. I’d have Heatley on the Habs, but he albout a ten ridiculous million guy, which is absurd. There’s also about six holes to fill and are they all going to be from Hamilton?

  8. Have to be brief for a change after surgery today on my dominant right hand. Keep Koivu in reduced role, get over Kovi and Bauchamin( sp?) A consistent Gionta does more for the team than an inconsistent Kovalev. ‘Nuff said!

  9. That’s what we want – consistancy.
    I think Koivu’s gone for good but there’s still about five holes to fill. How’s Gainey gonna do that? I’m glad I’m not the bookkeeper.

  10. I’m really going to miss Kovalev. He seemed to have taken the most shit for the whole team’s ineffective play last year. I hope he kicks ass this coming season. I think Gainey made a mistake. Opps did I say that?, mistake & Gainey… I meant every word.

  11. Hi Anna. I was really hoping he’d stay in Montreal too, and seeing him in a Sens sweater will be strange. When he was playing well, he was the best in the world. I believe that. But he didn’t always show up every night. Regardless, I think Gainey made a mistake too.

  12. I guess I just don’t get it but ever since Les Gros Bill retired we’ve gotten rid of all are Captains well before their time & abilitby to be a role model. It’s at this stage of their careers when they could nurture the up & comer’s ???
    Cheers From the East, Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!

  13. You’re right, Mike. It’s really odd what’s happened with both Koivu and Kovalev. Now, who’s going to be captain?

  14. The captaincy will be earned not given. I was listening to Martin talk about it. Very interesting stuff (and to just hear him speak, it’s like…wow, we actually have a real coach now! *giddy*)

    Kovy isn’t too far away though. And it’s no secret he wanted to stay (but shouldn’t have spent so long thinking about the contract when it ended up being the same deal he ended up with). Who knows, he could be back in two years.

    And no thanks… I’d rather have 10 Kovalevs than ONE Dany Heatley.

  15. Boy, Dany Heatley’s popularity sure is at an all-time low. And Kovalev? I’m going to miss him, even though he had off-games. And I’d love to hear Martin talk about plans for the team. I’ve heard nothing so far. Just too far away I guess. If I win the lottery I’m buying a place in Montreal.

  16. Even with Kovalev taking random games off due to ambivalence he still puts up better offensive numbers than either Gionta and Gomez at their best. $5M now seems like a bargain. But I think Montreal didn’t push it because his frequent lack-lustre play was contagious especially with certain sloppy defencemen.

    Koivu’s problem was similar to that of coaches, “can’t replace 20 players for underperforming, so replace the captain for not calling the team out”. But I think he’d still be a good 2nd line centre for about $2M.

    Although Markov seems like the obvious merit-based choice for captain, I don’t get the impression he has any desire for a leadership role.

  17. Yeah, I’m not sure Markov has the communication skills to be a captain, but maybe I’m wrong about this. The Gazette was suggesting Gomez as captain but I’m really against this. A new guy coming in and wearing the C over players who’ve been there already doesn’t sit well with me.

  18. jeez , having 10 kovalevs would be a great way to run your team into the ground. One Dany Heatley would probably put up better numbers then 10 kovalevs. I cant figure out why everybody hates heatley right now anyways, he hasnt done anything wrong, people are acting like hes the only player to ask for a trade. As for not wanting to go to Edmonton that is his right. I dont remember anybody attacking chris pronger when he pulled the same card 3 years ago. And for anybody to bring up the whole thing with him leaving Atlanta is just stupid, that was obviously for different reasons. Heatley is a world class all-star and anybody who wouldnt want a player like that on there team is nuts.

  19. Yep, I wouldn’t mind Heatley on the Habs. He’s a pure sniper. The Atlanta thing should never be brought up by people. It doesn’t belong with what’s going on now. The thing everyone has a problem with now is he signed a new, tremendous contract only one year ago and now he wants out of it. He’s coming across as a spoiled athlete who wants a perfect world regardless of what he’s committed to.

  20. I found it kind of comical when brian burke attacked heatley in the media about what hes doing and saying that he would never trade for him. Yet , like i pointed out with pronger, Brian Burke was the first in line to sign him when the situation was pretty much the same when he wanted out of Edmonton. Oh well im sure the situation will be resolved soon and whatever team lands heatley will be happy, hopefully he will be to and can fix his slightly tainted image.

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