Kovy Calls It A Day


Former Hab Alex Kovalev is packing it in after 20 years in the bigs. He’d given it a shot this year in Florida but managed just 14 games before Father Time gave him the final nudges to exit stage left.

Kovalev played four full seasons with Montreal between 2005 and 2009, plus 12 games prior in 2003, and managed 264 total points as a member of the bleu, blanc et rouge.

We all know what this guy was. Great, lousy, brilliant, lazy, genius, head-scratching, and sometimes dazzling and often not. When he was on his game, he was one of the best. When he wasn’t, we wanted to string him up and let the buzzards pick at him.

All in all, it was time to wrap things up for the talented Russian. In the world of pro hockey, unless you’re Gordie Howe, a 40-year old forward is just way too old.


4 thoughts on “Kovy Calls It A Day”

  1. I’ll never forget how Kovalev said he missed playing for Montreal and that he wanted to return one day to the Habs only a short time after he was sent packing to play for the Senators. I wish him all the best in his retirement.

  2. If I followed him or the Panthers, I would have been wondering what was going on. The team has had many injuries, yet he was consistently a healthy scratch.

    Lucky for him, it’s his skill and 1000+ points that I think everyone will remember, not the games in which he barely showed up or the points he could have had with consistent effort.

  3. Yeah, Christopher, I don’t know why he was scratched either but maybe he drove his coach almost as crazy as he drove us. Remember when he hurt his hand against Boston, gave up on the play, and the guy skated in and scored the winner on us? I wanted to tar and feather him. But I also remember one night when he scored from the circle on a shot as hard as I’ve ever seen shot. And then there was that skills video.

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