Kovalev’s Agent Should Be Barred From Montreal.

If it’s true that Alex Kovalev’s agent is the reason Kovalev won’t be in a Habs uniform this year, are you upset? I am. And my Russian wife is.

Whether it’s true or not, the story goes that Bob Gainey offered Kovy exactly what the Senators ended up signing him for, but Kovalev’s agent took his sweet time responding. So Gainey couldn’t wait and had to move on and sign others instead.

21 thoughts on “Kovalev’s Agent Should Be Barred From Montreal.”

  1. Doesn’t Kovalev have a history with the media in Montreal. If so, he probably wanted out, and his agent is being made out to be the bad cop.

  2. Kovalev said all along he wanted to stay in Montreal. And I think the media liked him in Montreal. So there goes both your theories, Lawrence.

  3. My question is, who works for who? Kovalev should have had a clear plan on where he wanted to sign on the morning of July 1st. If the agent screwed up, Kovalev should have fired him.

  4. That’s right. Kovalev should have given his agent a clear idea. And maybe he did. All I know is, I heard many times over the months that he wanted to stay in Montreal and then he signed in Ottawa for the same kind of money. It’s all very strange.

  5. The only guy that was loyal to the Habs year in and year out was Saku Koivu. He has an agent too, but he wasn’t signing anything until he heard from Bob. I’m certain that if Bob had made him a reasonable offer he would have signed it, no matter what other teams were in the running. I respect that a lot and he’s one of the very few. The Ducks are lucky to have him.

  6. And why can’t more players be loyal like that? It’s a great career in a great city. How come players don’t appreciate it? I know Saku did. And Gainey could have got him for really reasonable money. Do you think he wanted out?

  7. No Dennis, he didn’t want out. He said during his conference call with the media that he waited to hear what Bob was going to do. He said he knew it was a possibility that he might not be offered a contract but was still shocked when Bob called him said that the team was taking a different direction and he wasn’t going to offer him a contract. He said it took a few days to get over it and start thinking about where he would play. That’s why I find it so sad, his undyling loyalty to the end. Bob wants to change the culture of the team and I guess that meant no more captain Koivu. That’s the difference between Kovy and Koivu. Who would you rather have?

  8. Then I don’t understand. How could Koivu not help the team? There has to be something we don’t know.
    As far as the difference between Koivu and Kovalev, Koivu was the heart of the team, but isn’t the game-breaker Kovalev is. Kovalev was excellent in the playoffs – the only one, basically. Koivu has lost a step, but Kovalev is inconsistant. Either one could have stayed in my book.

  9. DK

    “Koivu has lost a step, but Kovalev is inconsistant” I believe that pretty much sums up why they are longer with the team. As much as I really enjoyed watching both play, it’s time to move on.

    Man I hope these deals work out! (nervous tick)

  10. The cynic in me thinks Kovalev was hoping for a $7M+/yr offer from somewhere. He saw all the big deals were made on July 1 and when he didn’t get such an offer within a few day he took what was available lest it be withdrawn too. As it stands Ottawa is dangerously close to the cap.

    Its a shame Saku had to go, but he was a casualty of the necessary overhaul. The team needed a new heart.

  11. I’m sure not signing Koivu was purely a hockey decision, but I’ll bet it was a hard one for Bob, right up there with firing Carbo.

    I read on ESPN that we’re predicted to finish in 9th place and the Leafs will make the playoffs. Yup, Komo and Orr…….the dynamic duo will lead them to the promised land. Duh…….

  12. I wish he would have stayed.

    I think Kovalev should fire his agent. Especially if he really did want to stay in Montreal… I believe he did, because he always expressed his love for the fans of the Canadiens.

  13. Nobody’s going to give us a chance, I can see it now. The ESPN thing is the first of many, I’m sure. We’re just going to have to prove thye hockey world wrong, that’s all. And when we do, it’ll be so sweet.

  14. The team needed big changes, and I have to say, big changes were made, that’s for sure. Moey says ESPN is predicting a ninth-place finish for Montreal, with the Leafs ahead of them. ESPN can go and suck razor blades.

  15. Well Dennis…

    One thing about ESPN… and so many other analysts…

    They were almost all wrong about the Canadiens 2 years in a row.

    Year 1, they don’t believe…
    Year 2, they’re on the bandwagon…

    I don’t really put to much importance in those predictions… there are just to many variables that can’t be “calculated”.

    After last season… they got off the band wagon for the upcoming year (as far as I can tell)…. and by next season they could very well jump on again.

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