Kovalev Was Smart, Not Selfish

It’s been a slow time lately for the press, radio and television people when it comes to the Montreal Canadiens. Things are going well for the team, they’re winning, Guy Carbonneau seems to have found the secret to communicating, and none of this has sat well with the media.

They need juicy Montreal stories like someone not speaking French or dissension in the dressing room. These are favourites, but there are always many others. They love their Alex Kovalev negative stories but alas, there’s been none lately. So did they what they had to do. They created one.

The other night against the Islanders, Montreal was leading by only 2-1 and in the last minute of play, the Islanders pulled their goalie. Tom Plekanec was put out with Kovalev, and Plekanec had already scored both Habs’ goals. An empty net goal would give him the hattrick.

Then it happened. Kovalev came down the ice with the puck and Plekanec, and lordy, lordy, the Russian shot the puck in the net for the insurance goal instead of passing to Plekanec. You could almost hear the laptops tap tap tapping their big headline, “Kovalev Greedy. Scores Instead of Passing to Plekanec for the Hattrick.”

So the question is (and I’m going to answer it), was Kovalev being selfish by scoring his 20th instead of passing to Plekanec for the hattrick?

The answer is, “no way.” Kovalev did the absolutely right thing. And he did it for the team, not for himself. What if his pass over to Plekanec went in his skates or hopped over his stick, and the Islanders, with the man advantage, then skated back and scored to tie the game.? What would the media have said then? They would have said something like, “Kovalev’s Bad Pass Costs the Team the Game. Why Didn’t He Shoot?”

If you had any thoughts at all about Kovalev being selfish and should have helped his linemate get his hatttrick, FORGET IT! He made sure the team got the two points.

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