Kovalev Outstanding In Habs 4-3 OT Win Over Buffalo.

It was only right that Alex Kovalev would be the goal scorer in overtime. He was dominant all night, and I can only hope that the Kovalev naysayers of the world saw him perform tonight. He was at the top of his game. A force. The slickest gunslinger on the ice.

Not to mention the fact the he’d taken a bad penalty shortly before that could’ve cost the team dearly, and then came back with the big goal. Nothing like a little drama to spice up a Saturday night.


Hey Mike Milbury, get a load of that!


Steve Begin also soared like an eagle. He was the sparkplug in the third period when the Habs finally picked it up a notch, pounding and thumping and creating havoc while also getting scoring chances. And Sergei Kostitsyn popped two goals and continues to rock after getting the strap by the coach a couple of weeks back.


And Jaroslav Halak has provided darn fine goaltending while Carey Price has been absent.


What a great win. I scared the cat when Kovy scored.


Game Note:


It’s interesting to note that while Sergei Kostitsyn was benched by Carbonneau, brother Andrei stepped it up. And now that Andrei is sidelined, Sergei’s stepped it up.


Carolina’s in Sunday night to lose to the Habs before the Christmas break. Kovalev’s going to be great in this one too.



5 thoughts on “Kovalev Outstanding In Habs 4-3 OT Win Over Buffalo.”

  1. Dennis,

    I watched the entire habs game tonight and I would be out to lunch if i didnt complement Kovelevs play tonight, even Mike Milbury did.

  2. Temporary captain Kovy (or is it Stand-in Captain Kovy) was just getting warmed up ;D That’s what the pre-Christmas half of the season is for!

    The Kostitsyns have this weird symbiotic relation. They play absolutely excellent together and step up when the other is missing. (Now, anyway). Though I should note, when Sergei’s player video appears on the jumbotron, he gets a louder cheer than his brother.

  3. It was good to win the game but a bit of a shame that it seemed as if the refs were punishing Buffalo for the Caroline fiasco ……

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