Kovalchuk Signs. Yawn

Ilya Kovalchuk has signed with the New Jersey Devils and another Mats Sundin-like saga comes to a close. There’s nothing that turns me off more than a player humming and hawing about trying to figure out the difference between 70 million and 100 million or thereabouts, and choosing a team the way The Bachelor chooses from his bevy of beauties.

I also don’t care if he scores ten goals or fifty goals, as long as the Devils don’t win the Cup and the Habs do. And while you’re at it, Ilya, why don’t you spend a few of those millions and help the old ladies in the subways of Moscow and St. Petersburg whose husbands died in the war and are now relegated to selling shoelaces so they can buy an onion for their soup.

3 thoughts on “Kovalchuk Signs. Yawn”

  1. agree………… the devils with ilya are still BBBBBBORING. their early exit from the playoffs killed me in my playoff pool. i shant forget that.

  2. Phil, 17 years. It’s ridiculous. Other than the fact they keep him under wraps and won’t be asking for a raise down the road, why would they do that? Of course, if they win the Cup with him in the lineup, maybe New Jersey will get most of the 100 million back in other ways. I don’t know.

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