Kovalchuk Signs With Simpson-Sears

Just 24 hours after the surprising contract rejection with the New Jersey Devils, Ilya Kovalchuk has finally signed, this time with Simpson-Sears.

Kovalchuk will be paid $214.94 for every 72.5 hours worked.

“I’m very happy this whole mess has been sorted out,” said the flashy forward,” and I’m proud to be part of the Simpsons-Sears team. “I can’t wait to get started.”

15 thoughts on “Kovalchuk Signs With Simpson-Sears”

  1. at that rate dennis have you figured out how long it will take you to save enough money to buy the habs?

  2. Great article, Danno. Thanks. You picked up on what I was trying to get across with the cheque. What a difference between them and us.

  3. Hobo, if I would have saved $214.00 every two weeks for 36 years, maybe I’d have enough!

  4. Let’s do the math Dennis.

    Kovalchuk had a TOIA (total on ice average) of 22.02 minutes (or .367 hours) per game with the Devils.

    Say that continues and he plays every game next year .367 hours x 82 games = 30.094 hours total for the season on the ice.

    $10,000,000 per year divided by 30.094 = $332,292.15 per hour

    Of course the number goes down if you include practice, time on the bench etc. But this is what it works out to when he is on the ice actually playing.

    Price per goal would be interesting to work out. He scored 41 last year.

    Let’s say he has a 50-goal season…

    $10,000,000 divided by 50 = $200,000 per goal.

  5. $332,292.00 an hour. Wow. And Danno, to take things another step, if I would have worked 36 years with Sears and saved $214.00 ($107.00 a week), I would have (and I hope I’m doing this right) $200,374.00. So Kovalchuk would make more in 45 minutes than I would in 36 years.

  6. Dennis, at least you know your family and friends love you for you and not your paycheck.

    Still, I’d be happy to work one week as Kovalchuk and then retire.

  7. Dennis, talk about a wage disparity!
    But you know, I don’t care too much for ’cause money can’t buy you love.
    You can rent it though, but that’s a different story…

  8. An entire yearly salary from Sears gets you one good, but not great season ticket to watch Kovalchuk. And 36 years total salary is as much as he gets for scoring each goal.

    In a previous link from Danno there was a list of penalties if the arbitrator rules against the Devils. Does this issue automatically go to an arbitrator or only if the Devils force it? Does Kovalchuk have any say in it? Lamoriello’s statement seems to imply it’s going that way.

    Even if Lamoriello has a choice, it may only be to choose between 3 really bad ones. Risk the arbitrator’s ruling and the resulting penalties. Renegotiate a suitable contract, although the Devils are already over the cap and Parise will be getting a big raise next year. The best option is to just let Kovalchuk go, and just look like even bigger jokes.

  9. no problem dennis, i saw it last year, and was amazed that he makes my yearly salary for every 5.3 minutes of icetime, and that it would take me 6.5 lifetimes to make his 10 million. 6/49 can’t come soon enough.

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