Kouli The Greek Is Kouli The Great

I think you need to know about Kouli the Greek in Vancouver, who is an outstanding example of a Habs fan maybe not seen on blogs or discussions but one who goes about his business of selling rare and unusual photos of Habs players you know and maybe don’t know, plus hundreds of players from other teams as well.

This is a guy who has also rounded up rare autographs over the years of Habs players who have only played just a few games for the team, which he says is never ending, and quite frankly, I find his unique collection that he’s painstakingly gathered to be incredible.

I’ve been watching his eBay site for some time now, drooling at what he has to offer, and below are just a few of the 1000 or so photos, signed and unsigned, that he has for sale at the moment, including one of Don Cherry wearing a Habs sweater and which is the only photo Grapes has refused to sign for Kouli.

You can see the more than 1000 photos he has on eBay now at Kouli the Greek.

I think you’ll be truly amazed.

4 thoughts on “Kouli The Greek Is Kouli The Great”

  1. You are right about Kouli the Greek Dennis. He has an awesome collection of photographs and I took a look at some of them on Ebay.

    I even found a great team photo of the 1912 Canadiens with Newsy Lalonde sitting beside George Vezina and they have a darling little dog — who appears to be the team mascot — posing with them.


    I was wondering if he had an index of some sort which would be in alphabetical order or by team. You can spend a lot of time and get lost just looking through his amazing collection.

    They are reasonably priced too. At less than $10 and he gives you a deal on shipping if you buy more than just one.

    Just in time for Xmas!

  2. Hi there
    I would like to purchase the 2 photos of my grandfather
    Leroy Goldsworthy, let me know

    Many Thanks
    Ross Goldsworthy
    Victoria BC

  3. Hi Ross.You can do this through Kouli’s eBay site. Just go to the link I gave to his site and send him a message. Thank you. Any problems let me know.

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