Kostitsyn Whines

I have no time for players like this. Ungrateful, underachieving athletes crying and whining to the press that life sucks. 

Andre Kostitsyn, only weeks after signing a new contract for $3.25 million, slammed Jacques Martin in a Belarusian website for not using him the way he should be used. He complained that he was on the third and fourth lines far too often to really showcase his talents.

Kostitsyn has never set the world on fire, whether it was on the top line or fourth. He often seems uninterested, and he often doesn’t play the way we know he can play. Which translates to this…..He hasn’t helped his team the best he can. Not yet anyway. That’s why he was sometimes relegated to lines down the pecking order. He didn’t deserve the royal treament. AND THEY STILL GAVE HIM 3.25 MILLION.

First it was Alex Kovalev blaming coaches, now it’s Kostitsyn. Be a man, earn your money, and help your team. And quit passing the buck.

There’s nothing I can add that hasn’t already been said in succinct fashion by the Montreal Gazette’s great Pat Hickey, so just click here Kostitsyn Has Got To Go. It’s all very interesting.

8 thoughts on “Kostitsyn Whines”

  1. when i heard about kovy blaming the coaches for his attitude i immediately thought of kostitsyn. now he does the same thing. kovy has trained him well……….. these guys get paid millions to play so just shut the f*%(^ up and play………… it is our privilege and duty to criticize the coach, not yours. we bought that privilege with our loyalty and $’s.

  2. Right on Hobo there are just too many of these Prima-Donas. I sent DK the Pat Hickey article but should have know our beloved super slueth would have beaten me to the punch! I commented a few years ago when Roy said it was an insult to be offered only 4 mil per season. I worked it out & it would take at my current salary 40 some odd years to earn that insult. What’s the colour of the sky in these guy’s universe? I know you, DK & myself would play for free just to be able to pull that fabled jersey over our heads! Just because he just signed a 1 year contract does’nt mean you can’t jetison him to some other team & I hope they do, he’s a cancer that should be dealt with.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  3. Even if Martin is a cold coach and “doesn’t help” by his coaching style, it’s still up to him to do what he can to show up and impress. This is a guy who shows up for a stretch then disappears for a stretch, over and over again. He does have some talent but is unwilling to show it on a consistent basis. What is a team supposed to do? Baby him all the time and sooth his ego? Beg him to please play better?

    I can see being ticked off with the line-juggling, but still – it’s up to him to bring it every night.

  4. That wasn’t a very classy move & Jacques Martin will not be impressed. If Kostitsyn was so unhappy why the hell did he sign?

    Maybe Pierre Gauthier is looking up that phone number for Nashville?

    Or maybe this will just blow over and Kostitsyn ll have a break out year and all will be forgiven.

    Stay tuned.

  5. Good comment, Hobo. I can’t handle these ungrateful rich punks who have lost a grip on reality.

  6. Mike, also a good comment. These guys who pass the buck, where it’s everyoner else’s fault except their own, I can’t handle. However, with Kostitsyn, somehow I’m not surprised.

  7. DarthAlexander, you’re absolutely right. it’s up to the player to show that he deserves the top lines. It’s up tio him to bring it every night and no way have we seen that. I just can’t believe he’d whine after signing a brand new 3.25 million contract, which he didn’t deserve. I hope he’s traded. To play for the Montreal Canadiens, you must contribute. No floaters allowed. I’m sure with Kostitsyn it’s about money, not about the great tradition of the Habs and the honour to wear the sweater.

  8. Danno, he hasn’t shown he’s worth 3.25 million, at least not in my eyes. I say move him. I sure don’t like what has happened and I wish he would’ve just shut up. If he stays, he’d better play hard or he’s going to hear it from fans and on this site.

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