Kostitsyn To The Rescue

He flew through the air like Bobby Orr, and although it wasn’t a Stanley Cup-winner, it sure as heck makes a Habs fan happy after a reasonably unremarkable night at the Bell Centre.

Thanks a lot, Andre Kostitsyn, for your overtime winner. But a little bit less thanks to the Montreal Canadiens in general for being a kind and generous bunch in making the Phoenix Coyotes, sitting 14th of 15 teams in the west, look like a force to reckoned with. The Coyotes had as many shots as the Habs (29), had way too many dangerous chances, and if they played like that every night they might put a few more bums in the seats back home in the Jobing.com Arena. (I really hate that name – Jobing.com Arena. Damn).

But a win is a win is a win.

It was a humanitarian gesture by the Canadiens that we don’t really need to see too often.

Canadiens win 3-2 in overtime as a rejuvenated Andrei Kostitsyn scores, (and also played well in my books), and Montreal can thank their lucky stars that Carey Price came up big from time to time, because they easily could have blown it to the hapless Coyotes.

Random Notes:

Montreal is now tied with Tampa and Pittsburgh for first place in the east.

Habs marksmen, along with Kostitsyn, were Tomas Plekanec and Mike Cammalleri with a power play goal, something we don’t see much of, like the Northern Lights, or Don Cherry praising the Habs. Or Habs games on English TV in the west.

Lars Eller got his first point of the year as he assisted on Kostitsyn’s game winner. Maybe this will get Eller going. And maybe because they scored tonight, Plekanec and Cammalleri will take off.

That’s five goals and three assists in eight games for Kostitsyn. He’s now one of our best players and it feels good to say that. 

I’ll just back off from whining about Gionta and Gomez’ lack of scoring so far.

Wednesday it’s the Islanders visiting the Bell. This is good news. The Islanders are playing well, just a point out of first place in the east, and doesn’t Montreal stink against lousy teams and look great against good teams? So on Wednesday the Habs should be just fine.

6 thoughts on “Kostitsyn To The Rescue”

  1. Awesome game Dennis. AK looks pretty darn good. That’s a 50 goal pace, but it is early. And Markov back Friday. I guess Obyrne will have an even tougher time getting back. Could a trade be necessary?

  2. Me too, Phil. But they still need to tighten up. Too much loosey goosey. I know it’s early and I have to keep reminding myself of that.

  3. It was a good win, Mayo. But they need to play better. And O’Byrne??? He never really improved a great deal, did he. So we’ll see what happens and it’ll be interesting. Picard’s been fine.

  4. Dennis, I enjoyed the win, warts and all. Sure there were head-shaking moments (the pop-gun power play e.g.) but we chalked up a win anyways.

    I seem to recall us losing more than our fair share of games by one goal last season. Many of them were with Price in nets. I am glad to see we are now returning the favour to our opponents.

    There were some big question marks before this season began.

    Everyone was wondering if Price could handle the pressure and play well enough to win.
    Everyone was wondering if Plekanecs was worth signing given his sometimes iffy playoffs.
    Everyone was wondering about who the real Pouliot was and if he would ever return.

    And Andrei Kostitsyn was a huge question mark.

    But all these things are coming along nicely.

    To me, the biggest surprise of all is Brother Andrei, who is performing miracles on ice on a regular basis, and seems genuinely proud to wear La Sainte Flanelle.

    And I love the way he tosses out pucks to the crowd after he was named first star on both Saturday against the Senators and last night against the Coyotes.

    And I also love the way the raises his arms in victory in a Magilla-Gorilla-like manner after he scores. Or maybe it’s Chewbacca.

    Anyhow in spite of the game not being a classic, I felt really fine afterwards knowing that things can only get better with the return of Markov.

    That and the fact that the Leafs are going down, down, down and we’re going up, up, up in the standings.

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