Kostitsyn Joins His Brother

The Canadiens have shipped the terribly inconsistent Andrei Kostitsyn to the Nashville Predators for a 2013 2nd round draft pick, plus the 5th round pick the Habs had traded to the Preds in the Hal Gill deal. Kostitsyn joins his brother Sergei, who was also a nonachiever as a member of the Habs.

I found it funny in reading ESPN’s Scott Burnside’s assessment that Kostitsyn brings size and skill to the Predators. Sure he does. He brings decent size every night, and skill every six or eight games or so. He was one of the most frustrating players on the team. All kinds of talent, with a great shot. But he usually played with his head in the clouds and showed us nothing on a nightly basis, except of course when he’d give us one of those rare moments when he looked like the second coming of Valeri Kharlamov.

Now he takes his act to Nashville where he’ll probably be fine for awhile and then settle in and show why he was cut loose. He’s an enigma who only helped his struggling team on occasion and is one of the big reasons Montreal became such a bust this season.

Scott Gomez said recently that Andrei Kostitysn was the most well-liked player on the team. That’s fine for the dressing room and team dinners and pops in the hotel pub. But on the ice he didn’t get the job done and on far too many nights you had to look long and hard to see if he was actually playing.

Yes, I’ll take a 2nd round pick for this guy. It isn’t a lot for a 3 million plus guy who was supposed to be a deadly sniper, but he wasn’t a deadly sniper. He wasn’t much of anything. And so a 2nd rounder it is.

I just hope there’s more to come.

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  1. I still blame Kovalev for the Habs young players taking shifts and games off. Kovie did it, and was loved because when he decided to show up, he was awesome. You can’t tell me that didn’t have an impact on the young Habs, such as the Kostitsyns.

  2. Very well could be, Tom. Kovalev was the king of taking nights off. And it seemed the Kostitsyns are very much the same way. Same head space. So maybe they learned from the best. I’m happy Andrei is gone. He sure wasn’t helping.

  3. I’m glad he’s gone. Sergei is saying how much happier Andre will be there as opposed to here where people aren’t as nice, etc. Those two can bite me.

    We have more people to get rid of. It’s 1 and we don’t have much time left.

  4. Darth, I saw that Sergei interview too where he said people in Nashville are friendlier than people in Montreal. He’s confusing things. People in Montreal know their hockey and don’t suck up to non-achievers like they must in Nashville. You’re a great example of how nice Montrealers are. And I’ve been to Nashville and didn’t notice how great or how different they are there. I’m glad they’re both gone too and they can slack off all they want down there.

  5. Actually, Nashville does have a reputation as being a great place to play. Paul Kariya loved it there. Jason York says it was favourite city to play in. It is seen as a great city.

    And honestly, if I were a hockey player, Montreal would be one of the last places I would want to go. High taxes, lots of pressure, fans that can turn on you with one bad game, media scrutiny about everything, needing to know French, etc.

  6. Tom, if a player gives his all, helps his team, produces, and tries at least a little to speak some French, even merci beaucoup, then he’s treated as a god in Montreal, a star, larger than life. He’ll get the attention a movie star gets. All he has to do is play well and work hard. So for me, Montreal would be the best place in the league to play. You just can’t disappear for games on end like Kostitsyn and Gomez and others. If you want to go through your career being invisible on the street and your mistakes not noticed on the ice, then Montreal’s not the place. Sergei Kostisyn likes Nashville because he can float whenever he wants and no one will notice.

  7. Koivu did all those, but the French media were always on him and saying he wasn’t good enough and shouldn’t have been captain

  8. I think in hindsight, most feel it was a mistake to lose Koivu. I would’ve liked to see his character in this pitiful season. But you’re right, he was all of those things and it’s a good point.

  9. Yeah, I love Saku. And you’re right, he’s what this team needs.

    He is a UFA this summer. Maybe he could come back as a second or third liner.

  10. playing in montreal is an excellent opportunity to learn another language. the french media is another story tho, big fish in small pond……..i don’t recall dickie moore, one on the hardest working habs ever, having a language issue. a lame excuse……… my experience from living in both the u.s. and canada is that americans generally are more openly friendly than people in ontario and quebec. i wouldn’t say that’s true for down easters tho. just my observation……. if the players on every other team raise the level of their game when they play the few times they do in montreal you would think the habs would be great, getting to play 41 games there……. gomez loves a.k…………. misery loves company

  11. Good riddance Big Tits. Say hi to Little Tits. Seems to be disappointing day. Nice to getrid of his $3.5 M salary.

    Too bad PG and Gainey weren’t traded. Glad the new guy is a tough guy.

    Would have been nice to get something for Campoli, Moen.

  12. Another reason some players would rather play for Nashville or other southern team is the fact you can play golf all year round, go to the beach and not have to deal with brutal winter weather.

    I know it sounds silly, but it’s a factor for some players.

  13. One huge factor about not wanting to play up in Canada and not mentioned much is the pressure from the young girlfriends and wifes of the players…
    They prefer the warm climates of the southern US teams …Can you blame them

  14. Leaf fan. the ladies like the warm climates but they really can’t complain too much about being in Canada. Their men are all millionaires and Canada is a fine country. When you’re rich like that, you don’t even have to go outside if you don’t want.

  15. Danno, for me, if I’m a hockey player, I’d prefer to play where hockey is big. But if I had to choose a city in the US, it would be New York or LA.

  16. Hobo, maybe they sent Kostitsyn packing because he and Gomez fooled around too much. Kind of like separating two class clowns by putting one at the front of the class and the other at the back.

  17. Tom, I’d take Saku back in a heartbeat. He’d be an excellent second or third liner. And he liked Montreal I think.

  18. Why thank you for the nice compliment Dennis. I’ll make sure to send you 50 bucks for it. 😉

    I think the reality here is that yes Montreal can be hard place to play but the problem is, the fans here are usually smart. They know the difference between slacking off and having a rough patch. If they (the fans) see someone trying but being a little snakebit, then they will support him. If it’s someone like Gomez or Andre, they know they are slacking off and will let them have it. Deservedly so.

    Everyone has an off day, and it will happen to our players but to constantly disappear and not show up and then turn around and whine about the fans is pretty lame. Goodbye and good riddance. Sorry it’s our fault you’re not producing.

    A bit of worry: on the radio today they haven’t mentioned that they haven’t even done any contract talks with Moen. So who knows what happens there. There is also a rumor that he currently has a concussion but it’s not being mentioned.

    They did try to ship Campoli but supposedly no one in the NHL wanted him! Not even for a 7th round pick!

  19. Darth, Gomez and Bourque went to the beach yesterday. So the thing is, there’s something about hockey in warm places that seems weird for me. And shouldn’t Gomez be working on his shot instead?

  20. When Saku played for us (oh how I miss him) he tried to get Selanne to come here. Selanne said no because he didn’t want to pass up the the nice weather in California to return to Canadian winters.

    Sometimes when we have another snowstorm and it’s -20 outside I can see the logic in that. 🙁

  21. Scott Niedermayer said he preferred Anaheim because when the game was done, and he left the arena, it was nice to be able to get away from everyone and blend in with the crowd. He could have his own time, and not worry about everyone running up to him in public.

  22. A quote from Barry Trotz (taken from a Yahoo story that was quoting the Tennessen):

    “When we got Sergei, I heard nothing but bad things about Sergei — that he couldn’t do this, he couldn’t do that, he couldn’t do this, he’s not going to help you, all those types of things,” Coach Barry Trotz said. “They’re wrong, we’re right — Sergei is one of the best things. We virtually gave up nothing and got our first-line left-winger. … He’s a good player. I expect the same thing of Andrei. I know he’s a terrific talent, and he can play.”

  23. Tom, I sort of understand about Niedermayer but I also feel that for the millions these guys make and the wonderful life they enjoy, dealing with the public shouldn’t be considered an annoyance. It’s part of the reason they’re paid so much.

  24. Tom, my thinking about Kostitsyn is this. If he plays much better in Nashville, then I’m pissed at him for not doing it in Montreal. Why a floater and underachiever in Montreal and a success story in Nashville?

  25. Dennis,

    I wanted them to keep him. He’s a 20 goal a season player. And they’re not exactly growing on trees. The last few seasons have seen him moved around and every time he got some chemistry Martin or RC seemed to change lines again and again.

    My personal view is that I just don’t think they’ve had the coaching staff who can get the best out of some of these players.

    If he does shape up in Nashville it might be down to him it might be down to the Habs.

    btw Is it true he sacked his agent after the trade? Or was that the usual nonsense. If so what might that tell us about how he viewed Montreal?

    I hope he’ll be back. And maybe a little time down South will convince him the mullet is not the way forward.

  26. Blue Bayou, I agree, Cunneyworth is not a great coach. He gives us head-scratchers on a regular basis. But Kostityn is asleep way too much for the money he makes, and he was expected to help the Canadiens, which he didn’t. He’s almost like Kovalev. When he’s on his game he’s great, but it doesn’t happen very often. It’s what separates good players from Hall of Fame players, as in any sport. HOF players played great often. Kostitsyn sure doesn’t. Maybe you’re right. We don’t have a lot of scoring and it’s hard to give that up. And maybe he was used wrong. I’m just so tired of what has happened this year that I’ll take a lot of changes. And I really do question if the coach is a big league coach or not.

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