Kostitsyn And Radulov Screw Up

Nashville’s Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn have been suspended for one game by their team for apparently breaking curfew.

Way to go, guys. Your team is down 2-0 to Phoenix, and you’re out partying.

Radulov is the guy who bolted for the KHL several years ago while still under contract to the Preds, and was allowed to return this year, which I don’t agree with. And Kostitsyn of course is the guy who didn’t help Montreal much, and now he’s not helping Nashville.

I’m not surprised. For some players, I suppose the Stanley Cup playoffs comes third in importance, behind the Olympics and World Championships.

21 thoughts on “Kostitsyn And Radulov Screw Up”

  1. If I had as much talent as AK I would play my guts out every game and do everything in my power to make sure the Habs won.

    AK was a floater & trouble with the Habs & he hasn’t changed his ways.

    What waste. What a shame.

    Is Gomez gone yet?

  2. Thank god Gauthier is gone or else he’d try to pick up Radulov!

    What nerve that guy has. He comes back after all this time away, plays half-assed all the time and then does this. Nice upstanding guy. Enjoy the KHL boys.

    Too bad about Andre. The guy had potential but man is he thick.

  3. Scott Gomez has apparently been bought out. I am so glad Gomez is gone but we’ll have that hit against our cap for a few more years. DUH!!!!

    Well at least Gomez is gone! Have a beer on me everyone!

  4. Stability at the General Mgr. position, is the key to a successful NHL franchise.

    From 1946 to 1979, 32yrs. We have had but two G.M.s. Selkie and Pollack.

    From 1978 to 2011. 33yrs. We are now on our 7th G.M.
    33 years of total turmoil and short term bandages!!

    Geoff Molson as a new owner, has made the most important long term decision of his business career. We will know within the next 3 years if he picked the correct and most stable man for this position. Time will tell!!

    I did not know where else to put this comment. You can move it if you want to.
    Ian Cobb

  5. By all accounts it sounds like the Habs now have an excellent GM and the dark Gauthier era is finally behind us.

    Is Gomez gone yet?

  6. Here’s to the start of 20+ years of a well managed team under Bergevin. As Ian put it, this is the key first step.

    Unfortunately I don’t know much about him, he wasn’t one of the big names bandied about, I’ll need to do some reading. He’s young, from Montreal, with a very respected playing career. Was part of the front office that brought a Stanley Cup to Chicago, although I’d rather he wasn’t part of the administration that forgot to give qualifying offers to restricted free agents.

    As I wrote this, the CBC article on the right went from a short announcement to a much more detailed one. Gomez and Cunneyworth are his first tasks. And somewhere the draft has to factor in.

  7. And Darth, with this Radulov and Kostitsyn thing, we have to be careful who we pick in the June draft. We need no floaters and guys who don’t get it.

  8. Mike, it’s the first day of the new Habs. Now some serious tweaking and hiring to do.

  9. Ian, I’m so hopeful that this guy will do a great job and get us back to being a powerhouse again. I can’t wait to see Montreal a great team again.

  10. Danno, a new era. I hope it’s a good one. We need a new Guy Lafleur to burst on the scene.

  11. Chris, and what about stick boy? Has this very important job once again been swept under the carpet because there’s too many other important things, like Gomez, to worry about?

  12. Bergevin needs a reliable stick boy to have a sit-down, heart-to-heart career-plan chat with Gomez to convince him of the advantages of retirement. And if that doesn’t work, to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

  13. Chris, I’m expecting a call any time now, and when I have my press conference, I expect you and a bunch of others to be there to support me.

  14. I do not agree with your opinion about Kostitsin and Radulov? Dennis!!!

    1. In the regular season, Radulov played only nine games and scored 7 points. Think it’s no bad.
    2. In the playoffs Radulov played 8 games and scored 6 points. Incidentally this is the first place in the team!
    3. After the end of games for the Predators Radulov went immediately to prepare for the surgery – he has a very severe injury in which he played.
    And Radulov said he very much wants to continue playing for the Predators, so that the world hockey championship has nothing to do!

    Hockey players are people too …
    But let’s talk about hockey, evidenced by the hockey games?

  15. Denis, I never said Radulov wasn’t a good player. But he and Kostitsyn broke curfew, were out on the town after 4 a.m. the night before a big playoff game, and they let their teammates down in a big way. It’s inexcuseable and I hope their captain kicked their asses.

  16. Yes, here you are right! Maybe they deserve kicked their asses.

    But the world hockey championship has nothing to do!
    They wanted to win the Stanley Cup no less than other Predators players.
    That’s all I wanted to say.

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