Koivu Scores Habs’ Biggest Goal Of The Year

Of course, it should never have gone to overtime. Montreal, with goals by Alex Kovalev and Guillaume Latendress, led the game, dominated the game, and yet, they let the lead slip away. And before you knew it, the thing was tied. It was a game that went to overtime, yet the Canadiens should have iced it in regular time by a large margin. After all, they outshot the Lightning 37 to 19. But in the end, Saku Koivu found the twine and the good guys won 3-2 to stay in the playoff picture.

When was the last time Montreal outshot the opposition like that? Maybe in the fall of last year, maybe before? And the new big line of Alex Tanguay, 1 assist, and Alex Kovalev and Saku Koivu with a goal each, looked to spark their teammates and continue their dangerous ways. And they did. Guillaume Latendresse for example, with his nifty around-the-net goal, easily could have been inspired by the big line’s play. Inspirational play rubs off on others.

I was really pulling for Carey Price to get a shutout, but alas, it wasn’t to be. But it could have. Imagine another little slice of confidence he would have gotten by blanking the Lightning? 

But he’ll take the win. We’ll take the win.

Random Notes:

Have the Habs turned a corner? Even a little one? I think so.

Next up – Buffalo’s in town Saturday. And as much as I thought the Sabres were excellent people who deserved sainthood for coming back and beating Florida the other night, I now feel they’re a bunch of rotten bastards.

19 thoughts on “Koivu Scores Habs’ Biggest Goal Of The Year”

  1. Here are the real questions du jour. Is 2 games enough evidence that our #1 line is for real? And if it is do we, can we bring all three of them back next year? Oh yeah and what can we call them? KO-KO-Ta, how about TKO, or maybe 3 UFAs and a pizza?

  2. I’ve been trying to think of a name too. Can’t. The Punch Line’s already been taken. But for two games now, with this line being really hot, the Habs have actually looked like a good team. I’ll say it again, the Toronto game was the low point of the season. And this line began after that.

  3. Do we really want to immortalize a line by giving them a name after two games of good hockey? Could we at least wait until they win us a series or two?

  4. Here’s an off-the-cuff name: The Brigade. Why? During the Spanish civil war volunteers from many different countries came to fight (and, yes, die) for the Republic against Franco’s fascists and they were known as the International Brigades ….. Koivu (Finnish), Kovalev (Russian), Tanguay (French-Canadian) and Gainey, who put `em together, a Peterborough Pete .. hehehe.

  5. Seems like they should have The Brigade together a lot earlier. But better late than never.

  6. Probably would’ve been had Tanguay been available throughout any significant part of the slump.

  7. If you’re going with a line, maybe something to do with the Habs Centennial.

    How about 1 to a hundred (you know, #1 line, 100 years of history kind of thing)?

    Or just simply, the centennial line?

  8. Centennial Line seems perfect. I like The Brigade too. How about “Two Old Guys And A Bit Younger One”?

  9. are you all into the booze or something your team won 2 games against the two lowest teams are you kidding me

  10. nothings wrong with booze Dennis. enjoy a wine myself, see how your team does tomorrow with Buffalo , more of a contending team

  11. Four Aces sherry. The drink of choice for hobo’s and poor hippies in 1969. 95 cents a bottle.

  12. So my math could easily be wrong here, but if you add the three players ages up, it’s right around 100. So, the ‘100 year’ line!

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